RBI Baseball 21 goes out with a premium in Europe on the Nintendo Switch

New trailer and details for RBI Baseball 21 on Nintendo Switch

The start of the new MLB season is just around the corner and the release of RBI Baseball 21 is also on the Nintendo Switch. On this occasion, we are entitled to a first gameplay trailer of this 2021 opus with some pretty interesting details about the new features in the title …

First of all, we learn that US players who pre-order their game from Target and Walmart will be offered an exclusive card from Tom Anderson (the Chicago White Sox superstar who is the face of this 2021 opus) as a bonus. Made by Topp, specialist in MLB trading.

We also learn that the improvements in this eighth part of the RBI Baseball series are improvements that the gaming community has been asking for since the beginning. We will therefore discover:

  • MLB Networks Fran Charles Comments;
  • “Create Player” mode;
  • The individual Statcast data for each pitcher, as well as the actual modeling of the silhouette and their casts;
  • A more realistic development of environmental factors during the day during matches, such as matches that take place in the afternoon and end at dusk or in the evening;
  • Increased customization options for keystroke controls through camera angles;
  • Finally, a point that was sorely lacking in previous titles: the arrival of the online world that will allow players on the Nintendo Switch to meet other players.

As a reminder, RBI Baseball 21 will be available from March 16 on the European eShop for € 24.99.

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