NBA basketball before baseball in Montreal |  Views |  Opinions |  The sun

NBA basketball before baseball in Montreal | Views | Opinions | The sun

NOTLet us not be fooled. Do you sincerely believe that the owners of the Montreal baseball team would invest huge sums to compete with the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers or Boston Red Sox, to name a few teams? No !

Montreal is a city with winners and one team. Sports fans, wake up! At the beginning of the baseball season, the days are cold, the spectators only talk about the hockey playoffs. In June, the theme of the stadium is the hockey draft. Spectators really arrive at the end of the hours until the beginning of September. In addition, a new stadium should be built!

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s clients, tomorrow’s clientele, get more impetus from the National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball than Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball. This is remarkable!

In addition, the state will save the cost of a new stadium, because the Bell Center already meets the requirements of the NBA. The government should think more about young people than about those who are nostalgic for the Expos that left Montreal. You remember ? I am convinced of this, for the future, let’s hope for basketball!

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