MTSU vs.  Charlotte baseball video highlights, score in CUSA Tournament

MTSU vs. Charlotte baseball video highlights, score in CUSA Tournament

The Mid-Tennessee State and Charlotte 49ers baseball teams meet in the 2021 Conference USA tournament on Wednesday, May 26th.

MTSU defeated Charlotte 7-2.

MTSU improved to 24-27-1 overall. Charlotte, ranked No. 19 in USA Today Baseball Coaches Poll, went to 39-18 overall.

MTSU advanced to meet Old Dominion at 12.30 CT on Thursday.

Here are the top games from the game.

MTSU left fieldman Hunter sullivan ran in two races at the top of the sixth lap. Luke Vinson and Fausto Lopez also scored on the play. These two races put MTSU up 7-2 vs. Charlotte.

MTSU designated hitter DJ Wright easy right field to retrieve Fausto Lopez at the top of the fifth round. It put MTSU up 4-2 vs. Charlotte.

Charlotte third baseman Austin knight beat a two-run home run at the bottom of the third inning. Jake Cunningham also scored on the piece. Knights home run cut MTSU leads to 3-2.

MTSU midfielder Luke vinson put the ball in play, and a field error allowed Cole escher to score for MTSU. Escher’s race put MTSU up to 2-0 at the top of the second half.

MTSU third baseman Brett Coker hit a solo home run over the fence to the right at the top of the first half. That put MTSU up to 1-0 vs. Charlotte.

Jim Toman is the baseball head coach of Middle Tennessee State. Robert woodard is the Charlotte 49ers baseball coach.

Erik Hall is the leading digital producer for sports with USA Today Network. You can find him on Twitter @HallErik.

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