Moreno is still part of baseball decisions during the next Angels GM |  Sport

Moreno is still part of baseball decisions during the next Angels GM | Sport

ANAHEIM, California. (AP) – The Los Angeles Angels’ search for a general manager will be broad and deep, and the process may last before Thanksgiving.

Angels President John Carpino said on Wednesday that the franchise is committed to a detailed investigation into the reasons why it has not won a playoff game since 2009 despite a number of precious talents around Mike Trout. Halos will listen to the ideas of candidates and smart minds from throughout the game while choosing a replacement for Billy Eppler.

“It’s clear we’re not doing it right,” Carpino said of the Angels, who have endured six consecutive seasons without playoffs and five seasons in a row.

“We do not win games, so something is not right in our organization,” added Carpino. “You have to look in the mirror to find out what’s going on here that keeps us from playing this week or deep into October. … There are things in here that are not working. It’s obvious, because we do not get the end result. as each of us wants. ”

Still, the Angels’ most important constant during this miserable decade will not change, according to Carpino: Owner Arte Moreno will continue to be involved in baseball decisions.

“I really believe that you as a business owner, and you have that kind of investment, want some kind of return on your investment, and that the return on investment that Arte is looking for, wins,” Carpino said. “All he is looking for are winnings. For him not to say anything about the investment, or knowledge about it, I do not know. I think it’s fair that he has discussions and communication with the general manager.

“Arte loves the game of baseball, and he loves this team, and he wants to deliver a championship here … He likes to be a part of the process. In my opinion, he deserves to be a part of the process. He is the owner.”

Moreno made the decision to fire Eppler last weekend, Carpino said, two months after giving the former Yankees manager a contract extension. The Angels’ ’17 -9 wave in the second half under new manager Joe Maddon was not enough to make up for his miserable start in 9-22, and it was not enough to save Eppler’s job despite Maddon’s strong support for him.

“We have the base of a strong team,” said Carpino. “We are not that far away. A few right decisions are made, and we play this week instead of being here, which does not make any of us happy. ”

Eppler revitalized the Angels’ farm system, landed Shohei Ohtani and played a major role in persuading Trout to sign a $ 426.5 million deal to stay in Anaheim. But Halos did not have a winning season during the half-decade that was in charge, and that is why Moreno is starting again, Carpino said.

“It was a difficult decision, but at the end of the day it was a business decision,” Carpino said. “We are working to win baseball games, and we just did not win enough during the five-year period.”

Of course, Moreno plays a big role in Angels’ fortunes. The owner made the decision to hand out his list of the biggest deals, from $ 240 million given to Albert Pujols and $ 125 million given to Josh Hamilton several years ago to $ 245 million given to Anthony Rendon last winter.

Moreno’s penchant for giving lavish contracts with free agents to aging tougher has a big impact on his baseball leaders, especially when they’ve tried to sign high-quality starting pitchers to support the list of eternal weaknesses. Eppler and former GM Jerry Dipoto were both limited in team-building ability due to the huge portion of their payrolls taken up by Pujols and his declining numbers.

In addition, Moreno’s willingness to win now for trout has prevented a complete rebuilding of the franchise.

“We feel a huge responsibility to Mike,” Carpino said of the triple AL MVP, who has not won a post-season fight while spending his entire career in Los Angeles. to perform on the game’s biggest stage. Yes, we feel it every day. “

Former general manager Bill Stoneman and baseball great Tony La Russa will help Moreno and Carpino with their search. Maddon said he would give the advice requested, but the veteran bench boss is optimistic about the Angels’ future after the way they came together in a strong September.

“The second month (of the season) should have been May, but it’s September,” Maddon said. “Normally, the second month the corrections begin. Normally in June, after having had enough time, I think we had been in good shape. I liked the course of the season. It was just something that was a little too short. ”

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