MLB: Major League Baseball Tests Balls Coated With AAA Sticky Product

MLB: Major League Baseball Tests Balls Coated With AAA Sticky Product

NEW YORK – Major Baseball will experiment with balls coated with a sticky product in some AAA-level games towards the end of the minor league season.

These tests can lead to the use of new balls in the Majors. MLB introduced new rules in the middle of the season to curb the use of banned sticky products that pitchers used on the ball. These products provide a better grip and an increase in the number of rotations of the ball, which creates more movement on the throws.

Major Baseball confirmed to the Associated Press on Thursday that the tests would be held after they were first revealed by Baseball America.

Testing with this type of product or balls has been going on since at least 2016, when some balls were used in the Arizona Fall League. Kanne was not so enthusiastic about these, but that was before MLB took a hard line on the use of banned products of jugs, such as sunscreen and resin. Or the products used by weightlifters and participants in strongman competitions.

The Mugs have complained that the balls currently used in Major League Baseball are too slippery and that the mud applied to them is not evenly slippery, or that the balls become dry and dusty.

The prototypes used in AAA have a sticky substance that provides better grip. MLB hopes to find a ball that is easier for throws to grab without letting them increase the rotation of their throws.

Only a few teams at AAA level will use the prototypes in the last 10 games of the season, since MLB only has a limited number of these balls.

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