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MLB: Improved Major League Baseball Protocols, including Bracelet Tracking (COVID-19)
MLB: Improved Major League Baseball Protocols, including Bracelet Tracking (COVID-19)

MLB: Improved Major League Baseball Protocols, including Bracelet Tracking (COVID-19)

NEW YORK – Major league players, field staff and non-player staff who need to interact with these groups in stadiums must wear electronic tracking bracelets from the start of the camps.

They are also subject to disciplinary action in the event of a breach.

Players will be encouraged to be vaccinated but will not be required to do so.

This is part of the improved health protocols, agreed between MLB and its actors, to deal with the pandemic.

The 108-page handbook, approved Monday night and obtained by The Associated Press, adds the 101-page version used in the abbreviated 2020 season.

“Everyone involved should have a Kinexon contact tracking device at all times in the club facilities and during club-led travel and during team activities, including group training,” the handbook states.

“Failure to use the devices repeatedly or return the devices to the Kinexon device dock may result in disciplinary action,” the manual states.

The handbook states that breaches of the MLB or the club’s codes of conduct or quarantine at home “are subject to potential disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension or loss of pay. For days spent outside the club while isolated or quarantined as a result of the breach. “

“The COVID-19 vaccination will be voluntary for all actors. However, both MLB and MLBPA will strongly encourage players to get the vaccine when the time is right, ”the manual states.

It is also stated that “the parties, in consultation with their respective medical experts, in good faith will consider relaxing these protocols at the league, team and / or individual level” … (to the extent possible) is safe and appropriate to do it, “when enough players are immune.

Teams have expanded the use of seven-inning doubles and a runner in second place at the start of extra innings.

The number of active players will be 26 from the first regular game until 31 and 28 August for the rest of the regular season.

Each team can travel with up to five players from the reserve team abroad; if all five are used, one must be a player designated before the season as the receiver.

Reserve team players must return to the alternative training ground after each turn.

MLB and the Players Association spent around $ 35 million on testing and regulations related to COVID-19 last year.

Players will undergo PCR testing for a new season, mainly via saliva samples, but with a provision that allows nose sticks.

Sometimes blood tests will be taken for serology or rapid antibody testing. PCR testing will take place at least every other day with spring training and will continue as long as the player’s team is in the playoffs, if applicable.

There will be daily screening for temperature and symptoms.

Spring training begins Feb. 17 in Florida and Arizona.

Players, field staff and non-playing staff who need access to it, may not in the camps, season or post-season go to restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos or indoor gathering of 10 or more people.

Unless previously approved by the team’s compliance officer, anyone covered by the plan may not meet, while traveling, anyone outside the group of travelers, except for outdoor meetings with family and members of the fireplace.

The camps will be divided into three phases. Training will be limited to individuals and small groups until February 20, large groups and team matches will be allowed from February 21 to 26, and pre-season matches will be held from February 27 or 28.

Matches against university teams are prohibited, and until March 13, matches can be reduced to five or seven rounds, if both leaders agree.

Any of our training matches can end in a draw.

Players are allowed to drive their own cars instead of taking team buses to promote social distancing.

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