MLB - Chronicle of Marc Griffin - Welcome to Modern Baseball

MLB – Chronicle of Marc Griffin – Welcome to Modern Baseball

The World Series once again gave us a great show. Not always impeccable baseball, but absolutely inspired, creative and even unusual baseball.

The end of the fourth game, when the Dodgers made two mistakes and Randy Arozarena stumbles just before they hit the home plate and then score the winning race, is the perfect example that baseball can still surprise us.

It was without knowing that Kevin Cash, manager of The Rays, would make a dubious decision that completely transformed the energy of both teams in Game 6. This decision relaunches the debate about “analyzes” that are widely used by most teams. Some people trust it so much that the human side is not even part of the equation anymore.

Welcome to modern baseball!

It’s hard to criticize such a system when Kevin Cash and the Rays are two games away from winning a World Series with a fraction of Dodger’s salary. The creativity of the rays allowed them to defeat great teams, but this system, which many teams will now emulate, also has its shortcomings. The problem is that these holes can not be calculated!

Baseball is currently going through times when everything is calculated, but what do we do with the human game? Kevin Cash did not want Blake Snell to face Dodgers hitters for the third time in this game because advanced statistics tell us that Snell, at similar times, is hit. I have no problem having this information in hand, but if Cash listens, sees and feels that the game is playing out in front of him, he needs to know that these numbers do not hold. Not in this game, not in this precise moment.

While this strategy got the rays where they were, the decision capsized the boat completely in favor of the Dodgers. Tampa Bay led, but the faces of the Rays players indicated otherwise.

I have been personally involved in similar situations, not in the World Series, I agree, but situations where a pitcher is completely dominant and all you want is to see him go so we can get a glimpse of it. hope to score points.

When Cash decided that Snell was over, you could tell, even on screen, that the Dodgers had just come to life. Worse, we take Nick Anderson. In the regular season he was immobile, but at the exact moment he was in trouble after allowing a point in each of his last six excursions.

So we replace a dominant pitcher with a reliever who does not pitch with so much confidence because the statistics tell me to do so. None of this made sense. In fact, if Cash holds Snell and Snell gives Mookie Betts a two-run homer, for example, no one would blame the manager, as they looked very good that his pitcher dominated. In addition, several active and retired players expressed their astonishment at Cash’s decision, but above all they openly criticized “analytics”, too much consideration in decisions during games. Perhaps a good discussion or debate between players and leaders will be welcome for the benefit of all and thus allow a hybrid system between the human aspect and the numbers. Do I dream in colors?

That said, while this decision changed the mental aspect of this game, the fact remains that the Rays did not hit. You can not score a single point and think about beating a team like the Dodgers.

Young Randy Arozarena has been sensational in these series, but he could not do all the work alone. Too many hitters in the Rays were quiet, which made all the difference. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Arozarena. He has been playing rookie for a while now. Quite possibly, the future main player in all of baseball, Wonder Franco, will also be on the Rays’ lineup. These two can fight next year for the title of rookie of the year. Like what the Rays want the chance to recover in the coming seasons.

Kevin Cash’s decision camouflaged the work of the Dodgers who deserve the title. Despite several attempts in recent years, it was good to see Clayton Kershaw finally win a world league title.

Kershaw will have had it all in the playoffs, but in the end he not only has a title in his pocket, but will undoubtedly be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the end of his career.

In addition, many predicted the World Series for the Dodgers with the addition of Mookie Betts in 2020. They were right. Although Betts has not presented offensive stats like Corey Seager, for example, the former Boston Red Sox can help his team beat the opponent in several ways. His defensive play and goalkeeping made a real difference.

Hard to ignore The Justin Turner case, who learned during the game that he had tested positive for COVID-19. MLB struggled one season, adjusted in two outbursts, and managed to play every playoff game. It’s quite challenging. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What shall we do? No match for at least 48 hours? Basically, it was time for the season to end. Now hopefully there will not be an outbreak after the celebration. Whether Turner did the right thing by attending the celebration is not for me to judge, but let’s just say I did not like being in his shoes.

I hope you enjoyed the baseball season, and that modern baseball will adapt to allow more room for the emotions and intuitions that are the essence of the sport.

Let’s also hope that things return to normal as soon as possible, so that we can possibly enjoy a complete and healthy baseball season!

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