Les Wolves bientôt vendus à la star du baseball A-Rod, déménagement en vue ?

Minnesota Timberwolves sold to A-Rod, are you in sight?

For the good story, fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves would no doubt have liked their franchise being sold on Kevin Garnett, the best player in the Twin Cities. This will not be the case despite Big Ticket’s initial ambition. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Wolves are about to complete a deal with former Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and billionaire Marc Lore.

The two men, the main figures in the group of affiliates who are eager to afford the franchise, will not take control until 2023, after a two-year transition organized by Glen Taylor, the current owner of the franchise.

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One question fans inevitably worry about. So far, Taylor had made it clear that he would reject any offer that involved a move from Minneapolis. Would he finally have given up? Alex Rodriguez, aka “A-Rod,” has no real foothold on the Minnesota side. The former MLB shortstop was born in New York, spent the entire start of his career in Seattle, before playing in Texas and ending his career with the Yankees. Rodriguez and his partner, Jennifer Lopez, are also based in California.

Ditto for Marc Lore, the former boss of Walmart, whose ties are quite on the side of New York City. This is a scenario where the two men and their employees decide to move the franchise to a more profitable business market once they take full control of Wolves’ operations.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been the poorest American sports franchise in the country since its inception. Things may change soon.

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