Mid County Baseball to Represent Southwest of Alabama - Port Arthur News

Mid County Baseball to Represent Southwest of Alabama – Port Arthur News

The Mid County Babe Ruth All-Star team is on its way to Mobile, Ala. after a dominant performance last week.

The Mid County team beat Wharton 23-0 in the regional championship on Sunday in Port Neches.

The game was moved to PNG High School due to the weather’s impact on the Netherlands’ turf.

“We performed quite well,” said manager Jimmy Collins. “We started the first couple of matches a bit slowly. We broke out in the middle of every match, and then there was quite a bit of downhill. Luckily we had enough pitching to go around. It seemed as if some of the other teams were running out of gas to play so many games. ”

While the tournament schedule is set, the Mid County team representing the Southwest region will have to wait until the end of the weekend to see who the next opponent will be outside the Mid-Atlantic.

“It’s going to be fun,” Collins said. “We went (to Mobile) last year for an invitation and played at Hank Aaron Stadium, that’s where we’ll play this tournament. It is a beautiful place and it has 6000 people. We are happy to go. ”

Collins said he does not like to focus on individual players, but said that the team’s makeup has played a big role in its success.

“We have a lot of experience and they really took it to the next level,” he said. “Some of our guys have played in this before and came back. They knew what to expect, and they coped very, very well. The young guys got a lot of experience, and it helped … They get a little excited a little faster than the experienced guys. They get a very good experience for later. “

Mid County (Southwest) will play its first game on July 31 at 16.00 The next match will be aAug. 1 at 22. The team will take the following Monday before returning to action with 10 games on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is the pool game.

Single-elimination games start August. 5.

The organization will host an alumni game at Nederland High School early next week.

“A bunch of our guys are coming back,” Collins said. “I should not call them old boys. A bunch of them go to college. They want to put a pretty good group out there. Of course, everything depends on the weather. ”

The game starts at 19 on Tuesday.

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