A man beaten with a baseball bat in Valleyfield

Michel Trudeau admits criminal guilt for hitting his neighbor with a baseball bat

Michel Trudeau, 65, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault that caused injuries on Thursday, November 19 in Valleyfield Courthouse.

It was before referee Bertrand St-Arnaud that Michel Trudeau admitted to hitting a man in the head with a baseball bat. The one with the criminal record whipped out against the neighbor after the latter expressed his dissatisfaction with the noise from the accused’s apartment on Saturday 14 November.

The lawyers involved in the case, Me Marc Lavoie in defense and Me Lili Prévost-Gravel for the director of prosecution recommended that Judge St-Arnaud order the preparation of a report before the sentence so that the court can have a detailed portrait of Michel Trudeau.

It is interesting that the accused’s guilt was presented before the Ministry of Justice obtained the victim’s medical records. However, Ms Prévost-Gravel emphasized that she did not believe that the victim’s short-term health condition had changed.

During Michel Trudeau’s next appearance, scheduled for Thursday, December 17, he will be taken to court. It should be noted that the person has so far only appeared by video.

He blocks himself

After his crime, Michel Trudeau barricaded himself in his apartment on Robb Street in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Refusing to cooperate with the police, the Sûreté du Québec’s tactical intervention team was requested on the spot. After more than 11 hours of siege, the man surrendered to the police.

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