Mario's Next Sports Game Should Be Baseball

Mario’s Next Sports Game Should Be Baseball

The Mario sports series is nowhere near as compelling as it was during the GameCube era, but a great Switch Mario Baseball game can bring it back.

Outside the platform area Mario is most known for Mario kart series. However, his emissions catalog goes much deeper. From festivals to role-playing games, Nintendo has put Mario in every genre under the sun. A core pillar of Mario spin-off titles used to be sports games; however, they have fallen in favor. Through Nintendo 64 and GameCube epoch, Mario Sports betting was incredibly popular. From golf to football, the plumber and his friends had a hand in every game and a team in every field. But starting with the Wii, Mario sports titles began to come out rarely and with less polish. As such, it is time to fix this by taking another turn Mario baseball we Nintendo Switch.

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After all, for as shocking as the titles after GameCube ended up being, Mario Super Sluggers was one of the last great Mario sports games. As a sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball on GameCube, Super Sluggers on the Wii injected so much content and personality into the formula that Superstar Baseball looked like a technical demo in comparison. At the end of the day, there is still a baseball game. However, with Mario charm, mechanics and the world layered on top, there is something much more engaging and fresh. Like something good Mario sports title, it was far more of a festival than a simulation. Since it was just the second baseball entry, there is a lot of room to grow and try new ideas.

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When it comes to what a new Mario baseball the game should do, Bandai Namco should focus on updating the aesthetics and the list. There are so many interesting new ones Mario faces and places to be represented. This has been a lack of other modern Mario sports titles. For as great as Mario tennis ess on Switch central games was one of the disappointing elements that in a post-Super Mario Odyssey world, it incorporated almost none of that imagination. There are so many interesting ways to locate and sign from Super Mario Odyssey Even Luigi’s Mansion 3 could be represented in baseball. It would be a shame if the next game did not try to integrate someone.

These modern Mario Concepts can also have good applications from a game perspective. Part of what did Mario Super Sluggers so funny was how the character stats and items allowed strategic play. For as action-packed as Mario baseball is, it also has a thoughtful component like others Mario sports titles are missing. With Bandai Namco developing the game and being modern Mario ideas in mind, a Nintendo Switch Mario baseball the game can be a home run.

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