Major League Baseball Status |  Seven recommended black leagues

Major League Baseball Status | Seven recommended black leagues

(New York) Seven black leagues have been recommended for major league status by a working committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

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Thursday’s announcement follows Major Baseball’s decision of December 16 to reclassify the Black Leagues to major league status. They had been ruled out in 1969, when a special committee for baseball records and statistics had identified major leagues dating back to 1876.

Thus, SABR recommended at National Black League (1920-31), Second National Black League (1933-48), American Black League (1937-48), Eastern Colored League (1923-28), American Black League Leagues (1929), East -West League (1932), as well as Southern League (1932) all received status as major leagues.

MLB and its official statisticians from Elias Sports Bureau have begun the process of reviewing statistics and records.

That way, Willie Mays could be credited with 17 hits from the 1948 season with the Alabama Black Barons. Monte Irvin could see his career average increase from .293 to .304 if the statistics posted on for his nine Black League seasons are correct.

Satchel Paige currently has 28 Majors victories to his record. He could add at least 146. Josh Gibson’s stroke average of .441 in 1943 would thus be the best of a season, ahead of the .440 maintained by Hugh Duffy in 1894. Gibson’s stroke average was maintained in less than 80 games, well during the 162 games. in today’s seasons. Duffy pulled off the performance in 125 games.

The Black Leagues began to disintegrate a year after Jackie Robinson was the first black to play in the MLB, with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, a year after making a name for themselves in their school club, the Royals of Montreal.

SABR explained that the criteria was to find “a high quality league, consisting of a significant proportion of the best players available, with defined teams and formations”. The company added that “the teams must have played according to a specific schedule and the leagues must have collected rankings and kept track of statistics and records, although some may no longer be available.”

The SABR Task Force will continue to study other leagues and teams from the period of segregation, ie before the 1920s and after 1948, as well as the best independent black clubs of the 1930s.

This working group consists of SABR, Mark Armor, Gary Ashwill, Cliff Blau, Scott Bush, Bill Carle, Sean Forman, Gary Gillette, Leslie Heaphy, Ted Knorr, Sean Lahman, Larry Lester, Trent McCotter, Todd Peterson. , Jacob Pomrenke, Anthony Salazar, Cecilia Tan and Tom Thress.

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