Major League Baseball is better off without Abbott

Major League Baseball is better off without Abbott

Regarding “Texas GOP Fires Back Against Enemy Voting Rules,” (A1, April 6): I applaud Gov. Greg Abbott for his decision, but for reasons other than Abbott offers. Voting is as American as apple pie and baseball. Major League Baseball will not have its reputation tarnished by those like Abbott, who support measures that will suppress the rights of blacks and Latinos to vote in Texas. The governor does not deserve the honor that would have been bestowed on him by throwing out the Texas Rangers’ first pitch. The irony of it all is that Abbott’s party – the Republican Party, the party in Lincoln – is about to pass laws that will harm the descendants of the very slaves the great liberator freed. So in this case, Abbott called correctly.

Richard Braastad, Houston

The border

Regarding “Houston is preparing to house hundreds of immigrant children,” (A1, April 3): I continue to be disgusted by the daily reports of thousands of foreigners illegally crossing US borders and being allowed to stay in the United States. I’m a career pilot. I fly international routes weekly. It is very common to have deportees on board or those who did not have a visa, necessary documentation or qualifications to enter another country, forced to return to the United States. I have lost understanding of why the United States cannot apply its laws to enforce immigration laws as other countries routinely do.

I am required to review immigration and customs upon each return to the United States. I am a US citizen with a US passport, born, raised and lived in the US all my life. For over four decades, I have respected this process, and the Ministry of Homeland Security officers are nice and professional.

But honestly, it is still a disadvantage to have to take extra time and effort, often after a 10-plus hour all-night flight to navigate this process. But when foreigners without respect for the law of the land in the United States are allowed to enter our country illegally, and then be welcomed, protected and accommodated by taxpayers, why should I have to go through immigration and customs inspection as a citizen upon return from a planned, documented American flight?

Dwight Albers, Houston

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