Major Baseball |  Tickets for $ 10 to see the rays - 98.5 Montreal

Major Baseball | Tickets for $ 10 to see the rays – 98.5 Montreal

In an effort to save face, and increase participation at the stadium in St. Petersburg, the Tampa Rays have decided to lower ticket prices at the end of the season, in some sections, down to $ 10 a. Ticket.

It is a last resort for Rays owners who, despite their club having the best record in the American League, are struggling to attract 10,000 spectators per game.

Monday night, in their two-sided program with the Toronto Blue Jays, the club drew only 10,119 spectators.

The Rays will win the division championship again this season and make the playoffs again when they reach the World Series in 2020.

When they left Montreal, Expos sold their tickets in popular stands for $ 10 each. We’re talking about Canadian dollars dating back about 20 years ago.

The American club had already implemented measures to limit spending last year. This season, the second balcony of the stadium remained closed to avoid having to hire staff to maintain it during games.

But even though half of the stadium is still closed, Tropicana Field is still too big for the crowds that show up.

The Rays launched presale tickets for the upcoming finals in Tampa this week.

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