Magic Johnson is also successful in baseball

Nicolas Kohlhuber: published Thursday 29 October 2020 at 15:58

Five-time NBA champion when he played for the Lakers, Magic Johnson has had almost as much success since becoming a businessman. With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ World Series victory, the former point guard earned a championship ring in an ownership role. And this is not his first …

Michael Jordan dreamed it, Magic Johnson did it. Unlike the famous 23rd Bulls who never got a Major League Baseball contract, the former Lakers star got an MLB championship ring. Not as a player of course, but as an owner. The retired leader since 1996 is a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the franchise that won the World Series earlier this week. During this triumph, Magic was very much present in the entourage of the California team. No wonder when we know that in March 2012 he spearheaded a group of investors who spent $ 2 billion buying Dodgers that until then belonged to … Frank McCourt. Never before had such a sum been spent on buying back a sports institution. Following the coronation of the Los Angeles franchise at the expense of the Tampa Bay Rays, the former basketball player was pleased with this victory that rewards his qualities as a businessman.

The five-time NBA champion when he played for the Lakers is not on his first try. He has already invested in another City of Angels franchise: Sparks. The women’s basketball team involved in the WNBA has also been partially owned by Magic Johnson since 2014. An investment that quickly paid off. From 2016, the team was where French Sandrine Gruda played champion. What does a national title offer him. And to start a real collection in the role of owner. That’s good, the former number 32 of the Lakers has shares in another franchise: Los Angeles Football Club. If the list that joined MLS in 2018 has not yet won a title, they can quickly do so thanks to the success of their most famous owner. So many titles in so many championships, even Michael Jordan had not imagined.

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