Loved the South Bay Baseball Coach dies from COVID-19 - NBC 7 San Diego

Loved the South Bay Baseball Coach dies from COVID-19 – NBC 7 San Diego

Friends of Sam Aleman pay it off today at Luckie Waller Little League Fields, “Little League was his second home, he wanted the best for the kids,” said Richard Inzunza, president of Luckie Waller Little League. Aleman was a mentor to Inzunza who followed in Aleman’s footsteps: “He knew in and out of all the Little League rules he guided me.

As it turns out, Sam Aleman guided many people in the South Bay. His passion was to teach the kids about baseball and life.

And on Saturday on a drive up COVID-19 safe collection, many of these baseball families came out to give back to Aleman’s family. “He meant a lot to society, everyone knew Sam,” Deshun Thomas told NBC7.

Aleman died of COVID -19 in early February after a week in hospital. And while baseball meant the world to him, it was second to his 33-year-old wife, Maricela.

“Sam was that he was just all mine and I miss him and I miss him tremendously,” she said.

It was she who gave her husband the freedom to do everything he could for his community, “He was my better half, he kept me grounded,” she said with tears.

Sam and Maricela Aleman raised three children, Gabbie, Sammy, and Nieves, his youngest daughter, said her father had the biggest heart. And Aleman had just become a grandfather too. But because he was ill, he never saw baby Lucy face to face.

Aleman gave back through his upholstery business in South Bay, donating specialized beds to an organization that refurbished the bedrooms of children battling cancer.

And his wife hopes his passion for giving back to make their community a better place will inspire others to do the same. “If everyone could do a little more right now to help a neighbor or friend do it because life, life is too short life is too short,” said Maricela Aleman.

Luckie Waller Little League accepts donations on behalf of the Aleman family.

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