L'Oriente, new baseball territory with Jeff Sandy

L’Oriente, new baseball territory with Jeff Sandy

Jeff Sandy, 65, is a purebred American from Philadelphia. His accent, humor and passion for baseball make him a character in himself.

Came to Corsica with his wife from Tallone after a career in tourism as marketing director, and the husband will resume his job as baseball coach. “I played until I was 23 years old in a university team, which is roughly equivalent to league 2 in French football, he explains with a bat in his hand. In the United States, it is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. “

Jeff Sandy and Martin Giuly set the stage.  - Paul-Mathieu Santucci

So when the town hall of Aleria and FC Oriente met him, the idea of ​​creating a club was immediately put on the table. “He is an extraordinary man, advance Dumè Luciani, president of FC Oriente. He is a real enthusiast and we are sure he will give everything he has to develop the club. “

A plot of one hectare

The name has already been found: I’m Pastori, in honor of the many shepherds in the region. Baseball is also about sharing and friendship, says Jeff Sandy. This is the opportunity to meet and have fun together. And I know the Corsicans are in this state of mind! “

Located right next to Aleria Stadium, on the road to Casabianca, the baseball field needs some upgrading.

The baseball field is one hectare.  - Paul-Mathieu Santucci

“You have to flatten it, remove the old football cages that are present and lay tuff on a well-defined surface, adds Martin Giuly, municipal councilor at Aleria City Hall. The municipality takes responsibility for the work, with the help of the municipal community. Diversifying sports is one of our goals. “

As for the registrants, it is already around fifteen when training has not yet started. “People are attracted to this sport, says Jeff Sandy. I have already trained in other teams in Corsica and it was a real pleasure every time. “

The first training sessions will take place on Saturday. “There are still some adjustments to the course, explains Martin Giuly. But we can already start and see a little how the stakeholders understand this sport. “

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