Justin Turner defied important baseball health protocols

Justin Turner defied important baseball health protocols

His behavior, Major League Baseball (MLB) said, threatened the safety of people there.

The commission’s office said Wednesday that it is launching an investigation into the actions of the 35-year-old third baseman.

The Dodgers won their first World Series in 32 years by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in Game 6 of the series on Tuesday.

Turner was withdrawn from the match after the seventh round after MLB tested positive for COVID-19. He was in segregation at the doctor’s office, said Dodger’s president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

Later, he returned to the field with a mask to celebrate, before removing it for the team photo taken on the field.

As soon as we received the laboratory results, health protocols were followed, which resulted in Justin Turner being removed from the meeting, MLB said in a statement on Wednesday. He was put in isolation for the safety of everyone around him.

After Dodger’s victory, however, it is clear that Turner decided to ignore the protocols and directives given to him for everyone’s safety.

Although his desire to celebrate is understandable, his decision to leave isolation and return to the field was ruthless and threatens everyone he has come in contact with. When MLB’s security officers pointed this out to him, he refused to comply with their request to leave the field.

Turner became a free agent when his four-year, $ 64 million contract ended at the end of the game.

Turner’s agent Greg Genske did not immediately respond to a text message from The Associated Press asking for his comment.

The two clubs were still at the hotel in the Dallas area on Wednesday.

[Mardi] in the evening, tests were performed with the entire entourage of the Dodgers, MLB suggested. Both teams underwent further testing on Wednesday, and their return to (Los Angeles and Tampa) will take place after receiving approval from relevant authorities.

The commission’s office added that it would consult with the Players Association during the investigation. The association itself collected facts about this incident.

By wearing a mask and respecting the distance, he wanted to go out and take a picture with the trophy [du Commissaire], Friedman explained. I do not think anyone should stop it.

From my point of view, even though I did not pay close attention to everything that was going on, I think he was worried about the people around him, especially the people he had not been in contact with before.

Turner, however, was seen on the field without a mask. Dodgers boss Dave Roberts was nearby, even without a mask.

I have not seen the pictures, Friedman defended. If there are people without masks, it does not look good at all. It is difficult for me to comment officially, since I have not seen the pictures.

However, we believe that the people who were near him are people we can easily trace. Several of us have been very close to each other lately, he added. The next tests we will undergo will be very important in deciding what to do next, so that if people test positive, other people will not be infected.

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