Jarren Sorters Memorial Baseball Tournament bounces back after rain

Jarren Sorters Memorial Baseball Tournament bounces back after rain

PRAIRIE GROVE – After calculating Thursday, double headers were scheduled for Prairie Grove on Friday, as well as Siloam Springs and NWA Hornets on Saturday in the Jarren Sorters Memorial Baseball Tournament.

Prairie Grove hosted the tournament along with Greenland and several local teams, including: Prairie Grove, Greenland, Farmington, Elkins, Siloam Springs and the NWA Homeschool Hornets enjoyed two days of beautiful baseball weather.

Prairie grove tigre

Baseball is back in Prairie Grove in a very way on the heels of a painful 2019 season and the cancellation of the 2020 season – thanks to Mitch Cameron.

The 2021 Tigers improved to 11-1 on the season with three wins last weekend under the guidance of a veteran coach, now in its second period with a program he previously turned into a multi-year competitor.

The Tigers beat Elkins, 4-1, and Siloam Springs, 6-2, after starting the tournament campaign with an 8-1 decision against Horatio on Friday.

“It was just good to see these guys perform and do what they were supposed to do, do things right and succeed. There’s a lot of fun,” Cameron said.

Cameron never got the chance to coach Jarren Sorters, who went in August 2016, a month before his sixteenth birthday, but still observed both Jarren and his younger brother, Jackson, now a senior contributor to Tiger baseball, in collaboration with his parents, Joey and Donna Sorters.

“[Them] grew up here and knew both Jackson and Jarren and knew what kind of kids they were, they were always on Hog ​​games, they were always baseball boys and to be able to have this and to give money back to [Play4Jarren] “Founding and raising awareness about cancer is very fun and being able to get all these other teams to support it, and being able to give back to the family that has given a lot to this community, is pretty good,” Cameron said.

Farmington Cardinals

Farmington baseball coach Jay Harper, an alumni from Prairie Grove, took the Cardinals into the tournament for the first time and enjoyed the upswing with the Cardinals taking victories over the Ozark (6-0) and NWA Hornets (10-5) on Saturday.

“Mr. Sorters and I are really good friends. You know, playing in this and honoring his son who was a great individual is an honor for the Farmington Cardinals to do that,” Harper said.

The proximity and activity over Spring Break showed a double benefit for Farmington. The Cardinals are now 8-3 overall and 1-0 in 4A-1 games coming into this week.

“Usually we take a trip, and we have not done that because of covid, and we really have to get in a few games before we start the conference season,” Harper said.

Siloam Springs Panthers

In the second game of Saturday’s double, the Panthers rolled to a 14-4 victory over the NWA Hornets. Siloam Springs sank six races at the bottom of the first lap. Elijah Coffey went, and Gavin Henson singled. A race scored on a Hornets’ misgle with JP Will’s batting. He eventually went, and Ryder Winfrey was hit by a pitch. Brayden Fain reached an error and a run went in with Christian Ledeker who drew a pass on ball four.

A second race scored on a trip and a third on a return throw to the first. Nathan Lee got the credit for pushing a race over by going with the bases loaded, as did Coffey who was begged. The sixth run scored on a passed ball before the Hornets got out of the inning.

The Hornets tightened up their defense after that. The teams exchanged races with Siloam Springs who had an 8-1 advantage at the bottom of the third. The Panthers added a couple of insurance runs on Wills’ double just to give up two runs to make it 11-3 after four innings.

The Panthers put the game away at the bottom of the fifth with four straight doubles. Coffey went off with a double. Henson covered him with a solid hit in the deep right center. Wills found the same place to run in the race. Jacob Gilbert blew a shot in the right corner of the Panthers ’14. run.

Siloam Springs coach Alan Hardcastle admitted that the Panthers were “a little thin” with pitching in the second game of the doubles, but were still happy with hits and some sound time when they caught the Hornets in base run error.

“We came alive and swung the bats much better in the second game,” Hardcastle said. “JP Wills and Nathan Lee came in and got outs for us on the mound.”

The Panthers’ extra effort to drive the bases made the victory much easier, and their defense marked the Hornets and tried an extra base on the third and caught a runner who stole to finish the fifth after giving a run that reduced the lead to 11-4.

“We’re very aggressive on offenses,” Hardcastle said, noting, “We want to catch someone off base, and it pays off.”

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