Le rover lunaire avant sa transformation et après

Japan to send a modular rover as big as a baseball to the moon in 2022

Japan plans to send a very small modular rover to the Moon in 2022. The size of a baseball, this rover will aim to take pictures of the surface and collect data on lunar dust.

The Japanese company ispace is preparing a moon robber unlike any other. It actually has the peculiarity of being very small, baseball size exactly and it weighs only 250 grams. The operation is somewhat similar to the prototype that NASA is working on, which is modular in order to be able to separated into two parts and flushed into craters on Mars. The space modular small rover is capable of taking many forms, depending on what it needs to do: move around, take a picture, collect data, etc.

The moon rovers before the transformation and after
Moon’s rover before the transformation and after – Credit: JAXA

The modular rover was developed for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). This plan to land it on the moon in 2022 thanks to HAKUTO-R lands built by the same company. Furthermore, JAXA’s little moon robber will not be the only one from ispace who goes to the Moon. In fact, the Japanese company has already signed a contract with the United Arab Emirates for a rover nicknamed Rashid.

Japanese modular rover takes pictures and analyzes moon dust

If the 2022 mission succeeds, Japan and the United Arab Emirates will join other countries that have already carefully landed a spacecraft on the moon’s surface, namely the former Soviet Union, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. China. When it lands on our natural satellite, the Japanese module rounder will have the mission with it take pictures of the moon and collect data on lunar dust. Which solar storms that could threaten astronauts, moon dust is toxic to both humans and devices.

TheJapanese space agency explained that: ” The modular lunar robot will be an ultra-compact and ultra-light robot capable of crossing the harsh lunar environment using miniaturization technologies from TOMY Company and Doshisha University, Sony control technologies and development technology to manage the space environment of JAXA In fact, the lunar rover is a compendium of Sony’s technologies and toy manufacturer TOMY.

For its part NASA recently announced that the new VIPER rover will take off in 2023 towards the moon with a view to fetching water. At the moment, the Japanese module robber is still under development on ispace. If everything goes according to plan, it will take off next year.

Source: Space.com

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