It's time to get rid of the NFL's craziest rule Baseball

It’s time to get rid of the NFL’s craziest rule Baseball

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Cleveland Browns receiver Rashard Higgins (82) gropes the ball after being hit by Kansas City safety Daniel Sorensen at the finish line during a divisional game Sunday. Because the ball went outside the boundaries after landing in the end zone, the Chiefs got the ball in possession.


The most unfairly harsh rule in all football raised its ugly head again last weekend, and it had a big impact on an AFC playoffs.

A really, really big impact.

Hopefully this will give the impetus to finally get this ridiculous rule changed.

In case you missed it, Cleveland’s Rashard Higgins got a pass near the goal line, and as he lunged toward the end zone along the sideline, he got the ball bounced off. The ball flew into the end zone and then rolled outside the boundaries.

As a result, the Browns went from almost getting a touchdown to giving the ball to the Chiefs on the 20-yard line. If Higgins just gropes outside the bounds instead of getting the ball to drip into the end zone, they have the brown ball around the 1 yard line. Instead, they lose possession and the chance to score.

It makes no sense. Have never done that. There has to be a better way to deal with this. At least let the Browns keep possession, maybe at 1, maybe at 20, maybe at the time the game came. Transferring the ball to the other team is too much to pay.

The verdict really hurt when the Browns lost the game by 5 points. It hurt very, very much when replays showed that defender Daniel Sorensen led with the crown on his helmet to hit the ball loose, which means that he should have been punished.

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