Is Robert Pérez’s unanimous admission to Venezuela’s Baseball Hall of Fame viable? – Marseille News

It is interesting to analyze about the unanimous admission of Robert perez to Room of Fame of Baseball Venezuelan.

I would start by asking journalists and people in general who have the opportunity to vote, what would be the reason why they would not give their vote to the “black wall” or the “game owner”.

He played in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League with Lara Cardinals from the 1988-1989 to 2014-2015 season, as an outfielder where he was one of the organization’s franchisees, and I dare say that is perhaps the most important thing in history.

That is, he saw the action in 27 seasons, where he left the following posts:

DD: 1301

PA: 4990

AB: 4871

R: 625

H: 1372

2B: 222

3B: 35

HR: 125

RBI: 739

AVE: 282.

Watch it really play Robert It was a great privilege, as he gave his all on the field and was an important part of the most victorious era in the history of the Red Birds.

The wonderful thing about Perez It was not like he just played in the round of 16, but played like a barbarian in the playoffs and what about the final, his impact on them was so great that now the prize MVP for the decisive event bears his name.

For many, it is the most complete player who has played in LVBP, since he was number two in the historic area of ​​the home division, as well as hits behind 1505 Victor Davadillo.

He played a total of 10 finals, 8 with the Cardinals and two in reinforcements: Magellan and Caribes.

1989-1990: Caracas vs. Lara (lost) 1990-1991: Caracas vs. Lara (won) 1995-1996: Magallanes vs. Lara (lost) 1997-1998: Caracas vs. Lara (lost) 1998-1999: Caracas vs. Lara (won) 2000-2001: Magallanes vs Lara (Winner) 2001-2002: Magallanes vs Tigres (Winner) 2003-2004: Caribes vs Tigres (Lost) 2007-2008: Lara vs Tigres (Lost) 2012-2013: Magallanes vs Lara (Lost) .

Let’s go through the path to Robert perez in LVBP, through the following video:

Impossible to forget the day of the three home races he gave against Magellan or the unforgettable home race that offered Kelvin Escobar as a reinforcement for the Turks in the final 2001-2002.

He has also drunk coffee in the major leagues, with teams such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers and New York Yankees themselves.

So far, no figures have unanimously supported the temple for the immortals in Venezuelan baseball And I insist that I find no reason for a voter to leave the electoral rolls Robert Pérez.

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