Ironmen surpasses their new opponents

Ironmen surpasses their new opponents

It was only a first try, but the Chatham Ironmen had a crushing debut in the Miramichi Valley Intermediate Baseball League. The Ironmen successively defeated the Acadians of Caraquet with a score of 10-0 and 14-0 to obviously take the lead in the overall standings.

Ironmen, who left the senior circle to join LBIVM, first got an almost perfect performance from Jamie Walls. The latter allowed only a small single in six rounds of work. He also struck out 12 strikes in three strikes. Here’s one that will probably ruin this summer in the face of opposing offensives.

On offense, Cody Dickson paid with a double and two singles, good for three RBI. Jake Cook also had three races using two singles. Kris Keating, with two doubles, and Charles Malson, with two singles, also had success in the Ironmen camp.

Coming in relief from starter Frédéric Lanteigne, who had been quite solid in three innings, reliever Jack Robichaud was martyred, as evidenced by the 10 hits and the three trips allowed in two innings and a third of the work.

In match 2, the Ironmen got another brilliant performance from one of their pitchers, this time from Zach Gosse who only allowed one hit and a walk of five innings.

Cody Dickson, again, hit three singles and produced two races in the triumph. Also noted are Jamie Walls’ doubles and singles, as well as Zack Newman’s two singles and three RBIs.

Yan Rail was backhanded, allowing six hits and two free assists in four innings. The young Alexandre Noël did little better in relief, allowing five hits and three trips in a single set of work.

The Tracadie Eagles also started the 2021 season on a winning note, beating the Miramichi Cardinals 2-1 in eight innings.

Rémi Légère and Frédéric-Denis Benoît were the two heroes of the match. The first went with two hits and one run, while the second limited the opponents to two lean hits and three rounds in eight rounds at work. Benoît also had seven strikes.

Mike Simon did not do badly in the short run, he who allowed two singles and three free assists, while he released nine strokes in strike. It was reliever Mark Vautour who admitted backhand that allowed two hits and a ball in two-thirds of a inning.

The Dalhousie Dodgers and Chatham Head Tigers shared the awards in their two-game mini-series.

In the first duel, the young Dodgers won 4 to 1 thanks to the brilliance of Brayden Label who managed to place five hits and three rounds in seven rounds. Jérémy Doucet was his best hit with a double, a single and two RBI. Also note the doubles of Olivier Gendron and Blake Caplin. Jordan Kingston had two singles in backhand.

In game 2, the Tigers’ last words this time were around 5 – 3. Unfortunately, there were still no statistics available for the game at the time they were to press.

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