In Venezuela, a gang built a baseball field in a prison

In Venezuela, a gang built a baseball field in a prison

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Turkey announces postponement of peace talks on Afghanistan

The international conference on Afghanistan, originally scheduled for April 24 in Istanbul, has been postponed until mid-May due to the celebration of Ramadan, Turkish authorities said. This meeting was to start direct peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Despite the announcement of the withdrawal of the US Army, the situation is slow to lift the blockade in Afghanistan. And the calls still have to wait. Turkey announced on Tuesday, April 20, that the international conference on Afghanistan, previously scheduled for April 24 in Istanbul, had been postponed until mid-May. “We have decided to postpone the ‘peace talks’ to the celebration of the end of Lent. Ramadan, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with HaberTurk TV channel. with the Doha and the United Nations (UN), Cavusoglu added. “There is no urgency.” , which provoked US intervention, participation in anticipation of Turkey announcing that the peace conference on Afghanistan proposed by Washington would be held in Istanbul between April 24 and May 4 in the presence of representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban. unique direct peace.the negotiations that began in September.Last week, the Taliban had indicated that they would not attend a summit on Afghanistan future before all foreign forces left his territory. Cavusoglu stressed that the postponement would give each party time to prepare the list of names, referring to a “lack of clarity” about conference participants. Asked if the Taliban would participate in the discussions, he replied: “Of course. Would this conference make sense without the Taliban’s presence?” US pressure Washington had previously pushed for this meeting, framed by the UN, to take place before 1 May. , the deadline set for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, in accordance with the agreement signed in February 2020 in Doha with the rebels. “There is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan, and only a political solution and a complete ceasefire can bring security, stability and prosperity to the people of Afghanistan,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said before announcing the postponement of the conference. According to him, the Istanbul Conference is “part of this enormous effort, of this enormous commitment” towards a political settlement.

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