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IN PICTURES | Young baseball fans with restrictions play at Stade Canac
IN PICTURES |  Young baseball fans with restrictions play at Stade Canac

IN PICTURES | Young baseball fans with restrictions play at Stade Canac

On Saturday, young baseball players with disabilities had the opportunity to set foot on the Stade Canac in Quebec. For one morning, they could take advantage of the facilities usually reserved for professionals.

Among the participants, Joaquim Gaudreault is a true admirer of this sport. “It’s very, very fun that I’m at Canac Stadium, I really feel like a pro,” he said enthusiastically.

Everything was planned for the participants to have the full experience. Background music and in-house announcements contributed to the friendly confrontation.

“It represents something magnificent for them, that’s for sure. They were stressed this morning, it was beautiful to see them, “said the mother of one participant, Mélanie Dion.

The Challengers program head coach admitted that several players were looking forward to the moment.

– Playing and training on the Capitals pitch is impressive for all players in the region. It’s even more impressive for them. They’ve been talking to me for months. “Since I told them we were coming here, there are some who have not slept yet,” said Vincent Lemieux.

“It impresses me. I sometimes wondered what it was like for professional players to be on their bench, and there I discovered it a bit and it’s cool!” Admitted Ariane Imbault, a player from Challengers.

Although this was a first time for them at a professional facility, this was not their first time on bats. Every week they train near L’Ancienne-Lorette. They all have different reasons to love the sport.

“Having different young people is already something, but finding something that can really make them happy is invaluable,” said Marianne Boudreau.

As with each of their meetings, the activity began with a workout. The youth was accompanied by players from local smaller baseball teams.

“We helped them. We tried to improve the way they hit a little bit. They were helped to start hitting. We helped them have a catching and throwing technique,” explained Aurélie Pelletier, a Royals of Lévis player.

Custom baseball activities are becoming increasingly popular in the region.

“We want baseball to be an inclusive sport, which brings together all the young people who want to participate in a sports activity. It is a sporting activity for these young people, a social activity at the same time, ”explained Francis Morin, President of the Quebec Region of Baseball Quebec.

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