Hollis the infamous: "Eyraud wants to turn football into baseball"

Hollis the infamous: “Eyraud wants to turn football into baseball”

The infamous Hollis: "Eyraud wants to turn football into baseball"

Hollis the infamous: “Eyraud wants to turn football into baseball”

While Olympique de Marseille lags behind in Ligue 1, off the field, the club is on the verge of implosion. Between sporting setbacks, questionable communication from the president, excessive on Commanderie, OM has found a new fad: rap. With the creation of the “OM Record” mark, the club decides in search of talent in the city of Marseille, and replaces the ball with the microphone. Meet one of these talents who will no longer be associated with the club.

Since when are you a supporter of OM?

I am thirty-five and was already an OM supporter in my mother’s life. OM, above all, is Marseille. It’s our social substance, it’s our glow, it’s more than anything else. For a long time I have been associated with groups of supporters, and especially MTPs.

Why “the infamous Hollis”?
I started rapping when I was thirteen or fourteen, we did it between us. I was small and looking for a nickname. One day I was talking to other rappers and found “Hollis” as one of the boroughs of Borough of Queens, New York. So “the infamous”, because I was a fan of Mobb Deep, of all their delusions, like their second album The infamous. I kept it because, even though we are not bandits, we see ourselves as infamous at heart.

“When they saw that it took, they decided to create ‘OM Records’. In truth, this is all window dressing. It’s communication. They created this, supposedly for the talents in the city.”

How are you noticed by “OM Record”?

At one point I came back to music, and OM contacted me for their “OM Session”. The club has created a concept where it invites artists to create songs in relation to the club. Basically, I do not mind, I do not see a carrot. In all this, they ask me where I want to make the clip. I do not care, if we have to make a clip, we do it at home, in the MTP room, and we bring in all the other bands. During the shooting, we do everything to ensure that there is a good atmosphere, good energy, good mentality. Fumis, root, all that … Finally, the song takes well, and it serves as a reference. It was necessary to show the true supporter. We have friends who died for OM or
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