his lawyer tells how "he cracked"

his lawyer tells how “he cracked”

his lawyer tells how "he cracked"

The husband of Magali Blandin, mother of 14 children, confessed to killing her with a baseball bat: his lawyer tells how "he burst"

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The husband of Magali Blandin, mother of 14 children, confessed to killing her with a baseball bat: her lawyer tells how “he cracked”

More than a month after the disappearance of Magali Blandin, the mother of four children, her body was found on Saturday morning near Rennes on the indication of her husband, who confessed to killing her with a baseball bat, on the basis of “criminal conspiracy”.

A body, “certainly that of Magali Blandin”, a 42-year-old specialist educator who has been missing since February 11, was found in a forest in Boisgervilly, two kilometers from Montauban-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine) where her husband lives, the public prosecutor in Rennes, Philippe Astruc, announced during a press conference on Saturday.

Jérôme G., 45, confessed in police custody “to be the author of the premeditated murder of his wife, with whom he was about to divorce,” Astruc said, adding that the death was “extremely rapid”. His parents, aged 72 and 75, were also charged, especially for complicity in the spouse, and placed in custody.

He could no longer live with this secret

In an interview given to Figaro, husband’s lawyer, Me Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier returned to the confession. “It took 29 hours before Jérôme G. confessed to his crime. The first hearings focused on his life, his personality, his relationship, the context of the separation. As soon as we addressed the actual elements that incriminated him, he cracked. He could not ‘not. live with this secret longer “, says Me Le Mintier.

After talking to his lawyer, the man collapsed. He suggested where the remains of Magali Blandin were. The hearing resumed the next morning. “That was when he took up the details of the crime, in a very transparent way. He called his gesture ugly, unforgivable and repeated on several occasions that he did not deserve to be. Live.”, by Me Jean-Guillaume Le Mintier.

He will pay for his gesture

The lawyer describes his client as a “depressed and depressed” man. Magali Blandin had left her husband in September. She had filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. “He trusted some ill-meaning people who put it in his head that he was going to lose everything. Then the idea began to sprout that Magali was to be killed. He knows that he is solely responsible and is fully aware of his punishment and prison fate. He will pay for his gesture “, indicates Me Le Mintier on Figaro.

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