Her partner confesses to killing her with a baseball bat

Her partner confesses to killing her with a baseball bat

“We were hoping to find her alive,” Philippe Astruc, a state attorney at Rennes, told a news conference Saturday. “It could have been an accident, a bad fall.” Unfortunately, it really is “a crime of great complexity” that took place in Montauban-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine).

This is where Magali Blandin, 42, was killed by her husband, Jérôme Gaillard. The mother of four had been missing since February 10. His body was found during excavations in a forest near Boisgervilly. It was her husband who buried her there.

The body hidden in the snow-covered forest

The 45-year-old man confessed to the facts: he explained that he was waiting for his wife in front of his apartment in Montfort-sur-Meu, on the morning of February 11, after letting the children go and giving him two violent blows. with baseball bats. He hid the body in the accommodation before returning there in the evening to move the body and “carefully” hide the evidence. Jérôme Gaillard then buried the body in a hole dug in a snow-covered forest, after covering it with lime.

His confession allowed police to find the body of the victim, and an autopsy must be performed quickly.

Jérôme Gaillard was brought before a judge, with a view to prosecution and imprisonment.

A “classic” case of feminicide

The couple was about to divorce, and the separation went badly, according to the first elements of the investigation. For the public prosecutor in Rennes, this is unfortunately the “classic” case of a woman’s murder: “We are in a rather classic marital murder, it is this notion of possession of the other, this notion of control., This notion of” you can not let “but the special thing is the different aspects that will be grafted around this main element.”

Magali Blandin had filed a complaint for domestic violence. A complaint rejected.

The husband of the missing would have confessed on Friday night to Saturday night. His legal past was “not very significant”, estimates Philippe Astruc, who, however, indicated a verdict in 2005. Without a job, Jérôme Gaillard restored his house and rented hangars.

A criminal conspiracy

The case is all the more complex as more people seem to be involved. Three suspects of Georgian origin are actually charged, two men and a woman who may have been involved in the murder in the forties. The man would have contacted them to kill his wife in exchange for 20,000 euros. One of them is charged with “organized murder”, the other two with “attempted organized gang blackmail”.

They wanted to blackmail Magali Blandin’s husband and invite him to give them 15,000 euros in exchange for their silence. They had an audio recording in which Jérôme Gaillard detailed his intentions. The two men were imprisoned.

And the parents?

The prosecutor also mentioned the parents (72 and 75 years) of Jérôme Gaillard. “It is rare in a homicide to see the parents of the accused involved in a criminal project,” he said without giving further details about the elements against him.

A Georgian neighbor of the man, born in 1981, should also be prosecuted, as should his parents. The prosecution requested the arrest of these three people.

Finally, regarding the four children of the victim, aged 4, 7, 12 and 14 years, they were quickly placed in secret places, the prosecutor said. The most important thing was to “preserve their mental health”.

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