He takes a baseball at 150 km / h full bulb

He takes a baseball at 150 km / h full bulb

New York Mets player Kevin Pillar took a 150 km / h bullet in the face on Monday. Image: keystone

He takes a baseball at 150 km / h full bulb

In batting position, New York Mets player Kevin Pillar was hit in the face on Monday. He suffers from many nose fractures. The scene is cold in the back.

Some football players – to name a few – writhe in pain on the ground for long seconds after being barely touched by their opponents. The Kevin Pillar had a good reason to do it Monday night in Major League Baseball.

In batting position, the Mets outfielder New York took Jacob Webb (Atlanta Braves) to face. A chestnut sent at 150 km / h!

In the video we see Kevin Pillar falls to the ground and then hold his face, from which the blood flows. His opponent, who did not do it on purpose, is shocked and seems remorseful.

Pillar was taken to hospital. He suffers from many nasal fractures. But the New Yorker reassured everyone later in the evening on Twitter and wrote that he was fine.

Thanks to everyone who worried me! Terrible moment, but I’m fine!

The duration of his absence is still undecided. But the American was able to sit on his team bench the next day already to watch his teammates’ next match. With a smile, but his face still swollen.

Kevin Pillar on Tuesday, one day after the accident. Image: keystone

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