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He pursues his ex-girlfriend and destroys his car with a baseball bat near Rouen

After chasing her in a car, a man with a baseball bat searched his ex's car in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.
After chasing her in a car, a man with a baseball bat searched his ex’s car in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. (© Adobe Stock / Illustration)

After having sued the ex-girlfriend, a 42 year old man damaged his vehicle with one balltre. Facts happened on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime).

A baseball bat, two daggers and a knife

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, police are required to go to Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. A panicked woman explains that her ex-partner chased her with her vehicle before she was very aggressive. She gives the address. The police find him in Petit-Quevilly and find out that the man is drunk. On the spot, they find a baseball bat “broken in two with pieces of cross glass” as well as “two daggers and a kitchen knife” in his vehicle.

Heard, ex-companion of the respondent explains that she went to pick up her new companion and saw the ex’s vehicle near his home.

I recognized him, so I backed up, but he chased me, in a roundabout we walked around at least five times before he blocked me.

She then indicates that her attacker would have gone through the driver’s window: “He tore off my keys, he stole my companion’s bag by hitting him, before hitting me in the face. “

She goes on to explain that her former companion hit his vehicle with a bat: “there are bumps everywhere, the rear window is broken and my windshield has been spangled”. She and her new partner are each given two days of work disability.

“I was afraid he would kill me”

During the hearing, the latter explains: “He was waiting for me, this time he went too far, I was afraid he would kill me, I know that one day he will kill me. »She becomes a civil party and seeks the sum of 7,440 euros in compensation. His new companion indicates “that he did not expect such an outbreak of violence”.

Defendant partially denies the facts: “I did not threaten anyone with death, I did not beat anyone. “He recognizes the breakdowns and tries to justify: ‘She was playing with my feelings. “In the presence of leaf weapons, he explains that he bought them the same morning and maintains” I collect them, I never used them.

“Be careful what you say in court! “

During the immediate appearance, the accused walks away and reprimands incidents that do not affect the jurisdiction. The president calls him to order, but the defendant loses temper and borders on contempt of court: “I am guilty because I am an Arab, I am a monster for you”. Stupor in the courtroom immediately reprimands him: “I have been president for five years, I have never been racist, your behavior does not pray in your favor, here you are accused, it is not the trial against your ex-girlfriend, be careful what you says in court! “

For the public prosecutor, the guilt of the accused is hardly in doubt: “it is about intense violence and completely free”. It requires 30 months imprisonment, including six months with a probationary period of two years, including a duty to care for, to work, to compensate the victims, the prohibition against coming into contact with the victims, to be shown to their homes and owned or carried a weapon. In addition, he requests total revocation of probation up to three months’ imprisonment and his immediate imprisonment.

The defendant’s advice, in turn, is reminiscent of the care that the defendant has in place to treat alcohol dependence. He asks the court to free his client from acts of violence “given that no objective element” allows to establish his guilt. He assures us that his client has become aware of “his freakishness” and asks for “the mildest punishment possible”.

The court declares the accused guilty and follows the prosecutor’s requisitions. *

* This sentence can be appealed. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

From our correspondent Frédéric Bernard

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