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He gives the rector of the college a headache. Phew, he did not behead him …

The events, which we like to call “incivility”, took place at a college in the Seine-et-Marne. A 13-year-old student threatened another with a knife.

His teacher took him to the principal’s office. There, the student, outraged by this unfair procedure, fired the principal. And in his tracks he bit the professor. It took four people to get it under control.

He was briefly placed in police custody and was then released twenty minutes later, Le Figaro explains, telling this story. The student, the newspaper writes, was known to the police. Favorable perhaps? Known by the police at 1 p.m.! An age where you are still a child.

There are some that grow much faster than others. There is a lot of noise about juvenile delinquency, which is flourishing. So much so that children’s playgrounds are crumbling with crowds.

But we are not talking enough about violence, violence in its raw state. It has become the only law that applies in certain corners of France and in the schools there. She is scary because she regularly expresses herself with knives and baseball bats. In this way, neighborhood conflicts and the war for control of territories there are settled.

It happens “between them” and the police, won, do not intervene too much considering that it is a family affair. But when it happens at a college, she is obligated to respond.

The identity of this student, a little too ardent, has not been revealed. It’s quite natural because it’s smaller. But the bullet and the knife blade are AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) which easily allows the student to be geolocated.

PS: A high school in a sensitive Clermont-Ferrand district was closed following threats of death and rape directed at a teacher. These messages were accompanied by jihadist images. “As we see everywhere,” the reassuring Rectorate declares. “As we see everywhere”? It’s like a smiley face then. At first glance, this story has nothing to do with what happened in the Seine-et-Marne. At second glance?

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