'Happiest guy in baseball' earns his first major victory when Mariners beat Diamondbacks |  Marinate

‘Happiest guy in baseball’ earns his first major victory when Mariners beat Diamondbacks | Marinate

PHOENIX – Yohan Ramirez lives the mantra: “No bad days.”

With an electric smile, lively personality and infinite energy, he is often referred to as “the happiest guy in baseball” by Mariners manager Scott Servais.

But the happy guy can also play a little, and he has shown it in the last weeks of the season.

Ramirez hit a pointless bottom in 10th place in Arizona on Sunday, September 5, and navigated around a runner in third place with one out by knocking out the pliers Christian Walker and making the dangerous Josh Rojas pop out weakly.

When the Mariners exploded for seven races in the 11th for a possible 10-4 victory, it meant that Ramirez picked up his first major victory.

He got the game ball, which is going to his family.

He also received the Mariners’ traditional “beer” shower after the fight for an MLB first, when he was flooded with not just beer, but other liquids or substances within reach of the clubhouse. He can also keep a souvenir from it.

“It was very special to me because I got some Tabasco sauce in my ears,” said a smiling Ramirez through third base coach Manny Acta. “They poured everything on me. I’ll keep some of that Tabasco sauce in my ears.”

Ramirez has allowed only one earned race in the last seven excursions, knocked out 10 strokes and gone two in 7 1/3 laps.

A draft rule for rule 5 before the 2020 season, he made 16 appearances in the shortened season, leaving a 2.61 earned average with 26 strikeouts and 20 rounds in 20 2/3 innings.

He had MLB stuff – a fastball from the 90s and a slider.

He also had little idea where it was going when it left the hand.

This season, he jumped back and forth between Class AAA Tacoma and Mariners, spending time on the cab.

But in the constant oscillation and throwing of the bullpen after the bullpen to stay ready, he found something – a slightly lower arm angle that gave several blows.

“We saw a difference in him about halfway through the season,” said manager Scott Servais. “He was on the train, up and down from Tacoma and the last guy in your bullpen. But then you started to see the consistency of him throwing a strike with the fastball. We’re not trying to hit the strategic places in We’re just trying to get “to throw it in the box. I do not know if it was just conscious or unconscious, but he got the arm track a little lower and it let him get the ball in the strike zone more consistently.”

Ramirez believes it was a product of continuous work and preparation to pitch.

“I was just trying to find the best place for myself, and working with the pitch coaches in Triple-A and up here,” he said. “I just kept going through my routine and trying to find the better place for myself, and I kind of found it.”

And happiness in life? He has always had that.

“You’re great,” Servais said. “He’s the same all the time. I do not really think he’s caught up and how big the moment is. He’s super energetic, optimistic. He’s the greatest cheerleader I’ve ever seen. When he’s in our excavation, you know he’s in our excavation, it really changes it. He’s a kid in a candy store. He just loves to get into the fight and compete. He has pretty good stuff, and he’s learned to strike a few strikes with it. And he’s been a really big piece for us here recently. “


* Jake Fraley (inflammation of the right shoulder) has made some progress in recovery after a collision with the wall while trying to catch. He is now hitting the cages, which is an important step forward.

“From what I understand, he was able to get some turns in, swing the bat yesterday and knock off Ichiro, which is a challenge,” Servais said. “Ichiro has as good things as anyone you’ll ever see in a percussion cage. I’m not kidding. I’m serious about that. But he (Fraley) still feels a little uncomfortable on certain courses, but he swings the bat so it’s a good sign. Hopefully we get him back here sooner rather than later. “

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