Great criticism of bigger baseball

Great criticism of bigger baseball

The possible adoption of a major baseball rule to suspend pitchers that will use sticky substances on the balls during a mid-season game is not over. This time it was Carlos Rodon, from the Chicago White Sox, who poured the bile over Commissioner Rob Manfred, in an interview published by the newspaper “USA Today”.

“It’s hard to see that when you have to get a suspension of 10 games for cheating, but the Astros don’t get any suspension,” the White Sox pitcher said, referring to the team’s stolen signal scandal. Houston. If Rob Manfred is able to look at himself in the mirror and say to himself, “hey, I’m doing the right thing,” that’s fine. But if you can not suspend a team that you know cheated in a playoff, it’s yours. “

If Rodon mixes two separate files, we must admit that he is not completely wrong.

Remember that during their conquest of the World Series in 2017, the Astros had been suspected of stealing signals during these playoffs. At that time, the commissioner had issued an urgent notice without, however, giving immediate penalties. Only in January 2020, after an investigation, did Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow and coach AJ Hinch both be suspended for one year by major league baseball. The Astros also lost their first and second round picks for the draft in 2020 and 2021. In the end, the team was fined $ 5 million, the maximum amount allowed by the league’s collective agreement.

“This decision is based on the urgent statement made in September 2017, and according to it, I held them responsible for violating our rules on signal theft,” Manfred admitted in a nine-page manifesto. The affected individuals have not made any changes to ensure that club players and staff adapt to the playoffs in 2017 and the regular season in 2018. “

For the safety of the finder

This is how Rodon protested … Now the question of “sticky balls” is still much more complicated since major league baseball seems to have closed its eyes to this nuisance for a long time. The proof: No players have been suspended for such a gesture in the last six years, while some pitchers have been very subtle, for example by applying resin to the caps. It seemed to be part of the culture now.

In major league baseball, it is also all too well known that the removal of sticky substances can also put hitters at risk, who are more likely to be hit by pitches at 95 or 100 miles per hour. On the other hand, it is true that shooters use these substances to improve the effect bullets.

Beyond player safety, however, it seems that the new baseball policy in the major league may be a solution to stroke averages that have had a tendency to decline in recent years, as opposed to strikes.

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