News Gastonia Professional Baseball Team reveals name and logo

Gastonia Professional Baseball Team reveals name and logo

GASTONIA, NC – There’s a new professional baseball team in the Charlotte region. Gastonia honey hunters.

The long-awaited revelation that took place on Wednesday during a Zoom conference.

“It’s a funny name. It’s a fun mascot. But it still has, you know, we work hard over here. If you come here, you have to bring it, ”explained Honey Hunters owner Brandon Bellamy.

Bellamy says that “Honey Hunters” reached him on a personal level.

“Fearless, determined, resilient. That’s what I get from the citizens. This is like the love letter to them, ”said Bellamy.

Bellamy, who is the only African-American owner of a professional baseball team in the country, says the name also has ties to slavery.

“Hunters” pays tribute to Ransom Hunter, the first freed slave to own property in Gaston County. Hunter was self-taught and a successful businessman.

One of the Hunter quotes is related to Bellamy.

“” Always live to get better, but never forget where you came from. “And I just thought, it was personal to me. It was a personal thing,” Bellamy said.

The new development of the stadium and mixed use called “FUSE” will be a big boost for the Gastonia economy.

“The overall transformation is amazing, not just for the economy, but just for the Gastonia spirit,” said Steve D’Avria, head of the Gaston Business Association.

He says that Gastonia is gaining momentum with a new team, stadium, restaurants and retail development.

“We were lucky for many decades for various reasons and purposes, but no longer. And this has been something that has been a real starter pack, “said D’Avria.

Gastonia Honey Hunters is expected to start playing in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball this spring.

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