Gary Sheffield does not like modern baseball

Gary Sheffield does not like modern baseball

To put it mildly, former Major League Baseball star Gary Sheffield is no longer in love with his sport.

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On CBS Sports radio last Friday, the man who received nine invitations to the all-star game in the main league revealed that he was no longer interested in major league baseball.

“I certainly do not watch baseball,” he said.

This is surprising, considering that Sheffield acted as playoff analyst for the TBS network last season.

“I was kind of forced to watch baseball, because I worked for TBS. […] I’ll tell you a secret: I’ve never watched a game during the season. I got information when I showed up in the studio, “admitted the winner of the World Series with the Florida Marlins in 1997.

Sheffield, known as a powerful puncher, explained his aversion to modern baseball.

“They put in all these rules, and they changed the game so much to make it more hit-friendly, even the failed ones,” he said. These guys can hit for, 180 or, 190, and that’s fine. Suddenly they hit home driving. Now a circuit is less attractive. Long balls were harder to hit and more attractive [quand je jouais]because it did not happen as often as today. ”

However, Sheffield refused to laugh at the sport that made him a millionaire.

I’m not one of his old players who laughs at the sport and talks about it in a negative light. I’m just talking about facts. […] This is how the sport is played today, and that does not mean that I have to look at it, “said the man who ended his career with an average of 0.292, 2,689 hits and 509 long balls.

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