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Gary Carter Baseball Stadium is to be completely modernized

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MONTRAL, 19 August 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Montral Mayor Valrie Plante, Ahuntsic -Cartierville Mayor, Milie Thuillier and Ahuntsic District Councilor, Nathalie Goulet, is proud to announce that the modernization work at Gary-Carter Baseball Stadium, located in Ahuntsic Park, will begin in 2021. This $ 10 million project will be completed in the fall of 2022.

Expected for many years by elite and local baseball teams, this work will provide the highest quality facilities for players and spectators. A new synthetic surface will be installed, and the capacity of the racks will be increased to 1000 seats. In addition, the new synthetic surface, which will use the very latest technology in the field, will almost double the hours of use of the field.

Ecologically, the new synthetic surface will generate less heat than previous generations and allow very advanced drainage, which will limit runoff out of the field. In addition, the synthetic field will limit the maintenance costs and pollution associated with these activities, so that staff have more time to work on the other sports grounds in the district.

Forty new trees will be planted around the stadium, thus renewing the diversification of the canopy in the magnificent Ahuntsic Park. The project also includes improvements to the corner training area next to the stadium, including the addition of awnings.

In this way, the stadium can be used by the team of the Montreal Orioles, the regional junior small team, by the midget AAA team registered in sports studios, as well as by the local teams from 4 to 22 years. Several teams from the small leagues will even be able to use it at the same time. The field can also be used for free training with baseball.

This announcement is part of our administration’s desire to provide first-class sports infrastructure to families and athletes in the city of Montreal. Because sports activities enable young and old to maintain good physical and mental health, in addition to promoting a real neighborhood. And who knows, maybe the next one Gary Carter will make its first launches at this magnificent baseball stadium, which will be a quality destination in Montreal, but also everywhere in Qubec, stated the Mayor of Montreal, Valrie Plante.

This renovated baseball stadium will be a great resource for the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district, which confirms the central location it occupies in amateur baseball Montral. I am happy for the opportunities that these new facilities will offer elite teams, but also for local district teams, which will now be able to take advantage of hours of use of this high-quality land, said the mayor of the district, Milie Thuillier.

In the design of these new facilities, special emphasis has been placed on integrating them with all uses of Ahuntsic Park. This park is currently undergoing a major facelift, with improvements made to the trails, playgrounds, pond and soon the skate park. The new safety nets at the stadium will be of particular benefit to all users of the nearby dog ​​training area, confirmed. Nathalie Goulet, councilor for the city of Ahuntsic district and responsible for sports and recreation in the main committee of the city of Montral.

Through the design and preparation of this modernization work at the stadium, several baseball partners were involved, including the Baseball Qubec, the Club des Orioles Desjardins du Nord de Montral and the Ahuntsic-Cartierville Baseball Association.

The redevelopment of the stadium announced today by the City of Montreal is a major step forward for all baseball fans and players in Montreal, but also for the city’s residents who want to benefit from a new signature infrastructure. The modernization of the stadium helps to promote this sport and promotes the exercise of physical activity for all age groups, which is an excellent thing, said the Vice President of Baseball Qubec and RDS baseball analyst, Marc Griffin.

Desjardins Orioles in the Center Nord de Montral are proud of the stadium modernization announcement Gary Carter for the future and development of baseball in Montreal and for the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district. It is an investment in the future of our sport that represents the excellence of the past and the future, emphasized Ric Dostaler, president of the city council of Orioles Desjardins du Center Nord de Montral.

We are very pleased to note this significant investment in the renovation of the stadium, which will bring smaller baseball players to the borough and all those from Montreal who have the opportunity to come and play here, to, said Franois Martel, vice president of Baseball Ahuntsic. -Cartierville.

The modernization work at Gary-Carter Stadium is part of a major redevelopment plan for Ahuntsic Park. The implementation of this plan began in 2020 with the reconstruction of trails and playgrounds for 5-12 year olds. From the end of the summer of 2021, the park’s dam facilities will be improved, especially by adding a plot and a waterfall and filter bogs. A transformation of the skate park is also being prepared for 2022, to the great joy of young people and families in the neighborhood.

SOURCE Ville de Montral – Office of the rapporteur and the Executive Committee

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Gary Carter Baseball Stadium is to be completely modernized

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