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Former baseball president Brockton Youth accused of embezzlement

BROCKTON, MA – Downey Youth Baseball, a nonprofit that manages one of Brockton’s two youth baseball leagues, is suing its former president for allegedly stealing more than $ 64,000 from the league’s bank account over the past three years, according to a civil complaint. which suggested that financial abuse may extend further back in his 13-year tenure at the helm of Downey Youth Baseball.

Jim Medeiros, who started as a coach 27 years ago and served as president for 17 years, withdrew in June after posting a comment from the league’s Facebook account criticizing students for participating in a Black Lives Matter rally. As a result of the comment, the league held an emergency board meeting and elected John Stevens as interim president.

According to a press release from the Downey Youth Baseball Board of Directors, the lawsuit was filed on October 19 in Brockton Superior Court following a preliminary investigation and was served last week due to delays from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In June 2020, James Medeiros resigned as Downey President,” the press release said. “Then the new president and treasurer reviewed Downey Youth Baseball bank records and discovered several accounting discrepancies.”

“This alleged theft has shocked and saddened our league, but we believe it is our duty as the board to hold Medeiros accountable for his actions. We thank everyone for their support. Downey Youth Baseball is committed to providing our players with an environment that encourages teamwork, dedication and fair play. “

“This alleged theft has caused significant financial hardship for the league,” he said The Law Offices of Sean M. Murphy, PC, representing Downey Youth Baseball, in a press release. “It’s unfortunate that this kind of thing happens to anyone, let alone children. Help these children share and donate to their Go Fund Me site. The law firms of Sean M. Murphy, PC, have agreed to cover all lawsuits. Costs and any donations will go directly to the league to help rebuild for the upcoming season. “

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