First division.  A lost season and five rights holders won for Cometz

First division. A lost season and five rights holders won for Cometz

The Metz baseball club can develop at the highest national level for two seasons it is always in the shadow of a certain discretion that he has lived in his own way, the fault of rules that the European public does not understand well. Cometz in the first division, it was not likely to move this year. For the good, or rather bad, the reason covid-19 could not be worse. “We were to start our championship on March 30. We lost two and a half months, and the deconfinancing protocol did not allow for games to be played in the summer … “, recalls President David Ten Eyck. And since the seasons end in October, the bats have stayed in the racks.

Of course, the club has moved: “We participated in the Sports Festival, offered entertainment, organized friendly matches, but nothing like a first division season! Needless to say, the reserve in the Regional First Division also drew a line for the season to be held from March to July.

Gains from licensees

The next season of the pennant team takes place from April 4 to September 15: “Then the national teams take over. And since the players in the French team play two thirds of the French league in D1, they must be released “. At the moment, the president is looking at closer deadlines. “The preparations for next season are finished now, and it is complicated. “

Last spring, five players were to come and strengthen the team and “we had to terminate their contracts”. Two of them will still start, but “we do not know until the end of November”. For the other three, “we need to find new profiles, and I’m starting to look at the options”. The non-competitive season 2019-2020 did not prevent the club from recruiting five licensees “Many seniors have started this sport after incarceration!”

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