Financing a baseball stadium

Financing a baseball stadium

Prime Minister François Legault said he was open to funding the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal, provided the return of a team results in interesting spinoffs. Do you agree with a financial contribution from Quebec? More than 300 comments have reached us after our appeal to all, a large majority saying that they disagree with the help to finance a baseball stadium. Here is an overview of received emails.

Lack of enthusiasm from the population

I am completely against public funding for the construction of such a stadium. On the one hand, we already have a stadium that is useless, and on the other hand, a half-time team can not generate enough enthusiasm, necessary for a real enthusiasm of the population. The organizers of this project are already notorious millionaires, so if they want a stadium, let them finance it themselves.

Rejean Martineau

Investment in health, education and sustainable development

I completely disagree and for several reasons. Firstly, I believe that portraying baseball stars as role models for our young people is completely contrary to the principles of a society like ours. Second, Quebec needs to invest in several other areas such as health, education, sustainable development, etc. This project is promoted by organizers who need visibility. Former mayor Denis Coderre is there to give them foil … I would certainly not vote for a government that wants to fund them.

Louise Massie, retired teacher

Only if there is a team within a reasonable horizon

Yes, as long as the owner of the Tampa Bay Rays agrees to sell us the team within a reasonable time frame, otherwise we run the risk of him deciding to return to the United States in another market. We do not want another videotron center …

Gilles Blais

No exorbitant salary

A divided detention team, controlled by Americans and paying exorbitant salaries to their players. No thanks.

Jacques Rheault

Utilize space for innovation

When the government says that they can support a baseball stadium project in the city center if it makes more money for the government than it costs, I think the reasoning is incomplete. Rather, the question is, can we do better with the same amount of public money for this strategic location in terms of benefits for decades to come? A key role for the government is to develop a strategic vision to strengthen the comparative economic benefits of its jurisdiction and then to attract and develop human talent, which will ultimately create prosperity for all. The space south of downtown Montreal must be seen as a strategic room. Especially with the École de technologie supérieure, Centech and Cité du Multimédia, we should develop a human center for talent in engineering and technology. We are fortunate to create a stimulating environment south of Montreal to attract young people from around the world who want to create the world of tomorrow. Done well, an environment conducive to research and innovation will in the long run provide several times more human and economic benefits than a stadium.

Stephane Prefontaine

Take care of CHSLD first

Agree with this type of financial assistance, but only after spending a billion dollars on upgrading the CHSLD system. In the meantime, there will be enough baseball on TV for us to enjoy the sport without putting much danger to the elderly.

André Simard, Gatineau

Other files we need to take care of

It seems that there are much more important things to consider right now than thinking about financing the return of a baseball team of millionaires who give nothing for Quebec. Let us think above all about social housing, health, education and security. So many files more important than the damn baseball.

Guy Brouillard

Avoid repeating past mistakes

So, after the failure at the Videotron Center in Quebec City, are we thinking of raising another white elephant in downtown Montreal with a half baseball team that would be American property? Nasty good deal in perspective … It is clear that we do not learn quickly from our mistakes … So let’s invest in housing instead!

Anne-Louise Desjardins

Do not play the billionaire game

As long as there are states to get started with these billionaire promoters (CIO, World Cup, F1, professional leagues), they would be crazy to change business models. Let’s be smarter than them …

Marc Tremblay, La Malbaie

Do not subsidize billionaires here

I do not need 200 words: the answer is no. It is not a question of subsidizing the enrichment of a few billionaires here, but especially Americans. I have already written to our Prime Minister about this to inform him that he will lose my vote in the event of such a grant.

Robert Charette

A rude comeback

I have already expressed my rejection to Valérie Plante regarding this project: it is not a question of giving taxpayers’ money to a millionaire club. Baseball has left Montreal due to lack of public interest, the return does not seem relevant to me. I do not even want to address the Videotron Center release … The answer is no, no and no!

Louise Chenard, Montreal

Focus on local businesses

Totally disagree. Over the past year, we have clearly seen the need to be a little more independent. The government has a large choice in financing local businesses that will have more acceptable social benefits than helping wealthy American homeowners.

Denise Frigon

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