FanPost Friday: A visit from Ghost of Baseball Past

FanPost Friday: A visit from Ghost of Baseball Past

Hello and Merry Christmas to all LLere who celebrate the holiday, and cheers and wishes to all who do not. I hope you are all safe and warm today. It’s still a Friday, and by golly I have a message for you.

Most of us are familiar with “A Christmas Carol” in one form or another, yes? I was struck by a recent reunion of “A Muppet Christmas Carol” that Ebenezer Scrooge manages to see his past really well, all things considered. If you had to sit by and see how you yourself experience a traumatic fracture, how would you deal with it? I would die just imagining having to listen to myself speak in such a moment. I wanted an absolute freak-out. Anyway, it made me think a lot about the amazing power of Ghost of Christmas Past. Talk about a force that can only absolutely level one person. But hey, since it’s Christmas, what if you have to experience something good again?

For the sake of discussion, you can choose a Mariners moment and a baseball moment in general, but it must be something you personally witnessed live, on TV or on the radio. What would it be like to see yourself experiencing that moment again? Would that be gratifying? Would it be different than you remember?

Either way, sound off in the comments with your two moments or write an entire FanPost if you feel generous.

Merry Christmas and be kind to each other out there. Thank you for being a part of the LL community.

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