EA buys Metalhead studio and returns to baseball

EA buys Metalhead studio and returns to baseball

With the acquisition of the independent studio Metalhead Software, the EA Super Mega Baseball game series will compete with Sony’s MLB The Show.

The MLB series is well known on the other side of the planet but is not particularly a great success in the country with a thousand cheeses and Cacolac. Still, everyone has heard of MLB Show 21 this year, with good reason that this exclusive Sony is first released on Xbox consoles, a way for the maker of PlayStation to secure sales of this thriving license.

That said, this unusual admission seems to have given some ideas to others. EA believed that if Sony was able to leave an exclusivity to ensure profitability, it was because the market was very liquid. Neither one nor two, Electronic art has just announced the acquisition of Metalhead software, at the game’s origins Super Mega Baseball.

Usually arcade, the license may be redefined with this acquisition, since it will be included in the franchises ofEA Sports together with FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, UFC or PGA Tour. Unfortunately for EA, which runs the official league, MLB is owned by Sony, so we have to settle for a cartoon version of baseball whose third opus was released on all consoles and PC in May 2020.

We are all Super Mega Baseball players, and we have long admired the work of the Metalhead team. It’s a unique franchise loved by sports players – the balance and depth of the game, together with the unique style of the content, make it very fun to play with friends.
– Cam Weber, Vice President and General Manager of EA Sports

For EA, there is a comeback in the field 16 years after the loss of the MLB license. And a way to secure all areas, especially after purchasing the F1 license through the acquisition of Codemasters.

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