Creating CWS is the fate of Arizona Baseball's Tyler Casagrande

Creating CWS is the fate of Arizona Baseball’s Tyler Casagrande

When Arizona Baseball was about to play in the program’s 18th College World Series, it was always fate for Wildcat outfielder Tyler Casagrande to be here.

It’s been nine years since Arizona Baseball last won its national championship at the College World Series, but for the current Wildcat outfielder Tyler casagrande, he remembers the living.

So only a young child with the hope and vision of one day playing college baseball, a native of Leesburg, VA, witnessed the 2012 tournament in Omaha, where the Wildcats beat the two-time defending champion, South Carolina.

From that point on, he knew he would be destined to play baseball at the University of Arizona, and that he would not return to Omaha unless it was with the feral cats.

Now second-year student Arizona Baseball Tyler Casagrande is fulfilling her fate of returning to Omaha.

The story was originally reported by baseball writer Mark Wrighte and later became confirmed by Tyler to be true. With College World Series baseball action beginning in just a few days, the story draws many parallels and provides an interesting story to follow in Omaha.

Already, this Wildcat baseball team draws many similarities with the 2012 championship team that, beating Oregon State in Corvallis for the first time since 2012, as well as becoming number 1 in the conference.

As for Tyler, he wants to be ready. The previous award at Riverside High School has a solid year as he contributes to one of the best and most potent offenses in College Baseball.

In 36 bats, Tyler hits a respectable 0.278 from the dish with 10 hits including a home run and seven RBIs. Defensively, he is just as solid and has a 1,000 field percentage while he stands for 16 put-outs for the Wildcats.

Tyler and the Wildcats will look to continue their magical season when they first kick off the 2019 defending national champions in Vanderbilt late Saturday afternoon.

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