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Son of Francesco Pepe Esposito, one of the architects of the first Vanier Cup of the Rouge et Or in 1999, the defensive end Enzo Pepe Esposito of the Titans of Cégep de Limoilou has turned a page of history by agreeing to continue his educational path and athleticism by Laval University. He and his father are in fact the first father-son duo to wear the Laval uniform on a football pitch.

“Since he was very young, he has been swimming in there. His room was painted in the colors of Rouge et Or, I took him with me when I trained with Rouge et Or and Académie Saint-Louis, “said Francesco in an interview with Le Soleil. Enzo and his older brother, Melvin, put on the crampons and took to the oval ball as their father.

However, there was no doubt that the father would put some pressure on his children to follow in his footsteps. “Melvin quit college football after being recruited by Élans de Garneau. The coach in me did not want him to stop because he really became an animal. However, he wanted to do something else, and it was always clear to me that he could stop whenever he wanted. I asked him only to complete what he had started, not to leave the coach and teammates during the season, “he says.

Without pressure

Forget the picture of the athlete’s father already seeing his son in the big leagues. Francesco Pepe Esposito makes it an honor to not put pressure on his children in sports. “In 30 years, I have seen so many parents and teams put pressure on young people. There was no way I wanted to do it. I even asked my wife to tell me the other thing she felt I was putting pressure on one of my children, “he continues.

Enzo, who was born two years after the Vanier Cup in 1999, learned about football by watching his father lead and watching him play on video. “This is the first sport I discovered, and I immediately wanted to do it. I played in the schoolyard, explains the one who has also practiced skiing, baseball, basketball and rugby.

The water carrier while his father was an assistant coach, the young Pepe Esposito quickly became popular in the entourage of Rouge et Or. “All the guys knew me, and I gave all the high fives,” he says.

Hang up or hang up

Admitting that he feels very proud to see Enzo take the same path as him, Francesco Pepe Esposito is even more proud to see him continue his studies. “For me, as for my sons, school has never been an extraordinary attraction,” says the one who was initially dropout. “It was once at university that I discovered that I was good at school when I found a field that fascinated me,” said the graduate in sports intervention.

“For Enzo, it’s the same thing. “School was a” necessary evil “, and I am proud of the road he has traveled and of the fact that it was football that made him stay at school,” he adds.

“School is much less interesting when it is not football. That’s always what motivated me to get good grades, because I know that if I do not pass, I will not be able to play, ”says Enzo, who considers himself lucky to have a player under the roof and an experienced coach.

“When he trained the same position I played in, when I was in Limoilou, I wanted to bring training videos, and he gave me tips,” said the young Pepe Esposito. “Yes, I can give him an answer, but I never went ahead with the tactics, because I never wanted to be the one to criticize the coach,” adds his father.

At this point, the father knows that the son will now be in good hands with Rouge et Or, those from Glen Constantin who was the defensive coordinator when he was on the field. “Knowing that Enzo is under Glen and the team’s responsibilities are reassuring. I know what kind of values ​​they convey, and I know they are demanding, but I also know that there are results in the end! He concludes. Ian Bussieres

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