Cardinals Shildt on the pitcher uses foreign bodies for grip, baseball's stickiest problem: 'Yes, there's a problem' |  Derrick Goold: Bird Land

Cardinals Shildt on the pitcher uses foreign bodies for grip, baseball’s stickiest problem: ‘Yes, there’s a problem’ | Derrick Goold: Bird Land

These reports come a year after Chris Young, then an MLB chief and now general manager of the Texas Rangers, sent a note to teams warning them that by 2020, the rules on foreign substances in baseball would be enforced.

There were some eye rollers.

The season was delayed shortly after by the pandemic, and when the short season resumed, the jugs could not lick their fingers (COVID-19 protocols), but could carry a wet rag to the pile. The opening of foreign substances must wait – until now. There was a suspension several years ago when a jar had a strip of pine tar on its neck, and the break was too much to ignore. During the 2006 series, that’s essentially what the Cardinals did when video and photographic evidence showed that the Detroit Tigers left Kenny Rogers with a streak of sticky substance on his glove.

When the Cardinals met Boston in the World Series in 2013, Jon Lester faced similar questions about a substance in his glove when a Cardinals’ minor pointed it out on social media. Minor leaguer was contacted by the team and deleted the tweet.

The rule in question is 6.02, which prohibits the doctoration of baseball by pitchers.

“It’s very difficult to clean up,” Shildt said, “because some of the stuff is obviously ready, and it’s just a very difficult thing to clean up.”

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