Brandn Belt progresses from illness, resumes baseball activity – MLB

SAN FRANCISCO – First baseman Brandon belt has resumed baseball activities with the San Francisco Giants in spring training after tackling what manager Gabe Kapler called a virus without giving further details – although Kapler previously said it was not COVID-19.

The 32-year-old belt had already been worked on slowly, since he underwent surgery in October to remove a bone spur from his right heel.

“He had a virus and he was sick,” Kapler said. “I do not know if it is much more than that, sorry.”

Belt did some light baseball work on Wednesday at Scottsdale Stadium before going through a more extensive training session on Thursday, Kapler said.

“Had a nice chat out on the field today with Brandon. He threw, he feels better, “Kapler said via Zoom after San Francisco’s 3-1 win over the White Sox.

“Got some work in the cage too. We keep trying to get Brandon ready for the opening day. There’s not much rush right now. We’re still pretty early in March. But today was promising, and every day we will add some activity. When you are sick for a while, it takes a while to rebuild. ”

Outfielder Jaylin Davis ran the bases Thursday after tackling a knee injury and was about to play, while the outfielder Austin slater is the nurse what Kapler called “a mild wound hoarding.” He swings the bat.

“He ran very well, and we are especially sure that you will see him in the line – up in the next couple of days, maybe one day to run the bases, and then we will go well,” Kapler said. “Did field exercises today and looked excellent. His body moves well. ”

Right hand Reyes moronta, who did not pitch last season while rehearsing from surgery on pitching shoulder, and left Jarlin garcia is closer to getting into game action as well.

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