Booba enflamme ses fans sur Instagram lors d’un match de baseball !

Booba turns on his fans on Instagram during a baseball game!

On his Instagram account, Booba shared a photo where he clearly set the net on fire by appearing concentrated in the middle of a baseball game!

Very active on social networks, especially on Instagram, Booba very often reveals pictures or even videos. If he from time to time starts in collisions, he unveiled a picture that has caused a sensation over the weekend.

A photo that is unanimous on Instagram

This Saturday, May 1, Booba shared a photo where he posted on a baseball field. Bats in his hand he seemed very focused. He also unveiled his muscles with the white tank.

In the caption of his Instagram photo, Booba also wrote : “WHITE POT”. With his picture he also collected more than 30,400 “likes” in just two hours from his fans.

In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment him. It must be said that he turned out to be very concentrated for this baseball game. Some did not know it at all talent in the rapper.

Others showed humor. One of them said: “Is it for heads or ball?” “, ” When you pick up the bat in San Andreas. “,” In the minds of enemies. “But also” Driving home in their mothers “.

Some Booba subscribers have also confided in the beard. For a few weeks he has decided to let his beard grow. And the least we can say is that fans have validated 100%.

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Booba fans compare him to Kaaris

Booba fans wrote : “Finally let your beard grow!” “,” It suits you bebar chef. “,” Looks like Kimbo with that beard! “,” The beard grows beard grows ! »But also« I admit that his beard suits him well ».

Others have found it Booba looked a lot like Kaaris with that beard. Some even confused the two at first glance. One thing is for sure, this type of messaging does not will not really please B2o.

Others also asked Booba to get closer to Damso. As a reminder, the latter took a first step in his song Passion. He actually wrote a verse in which he remembered his early days in rap.

Damso wrote: “2015, Nero Nemesis, I enter the game in one verse. The 5, Bercy de Kopp, at that time we get along well, there is no collision or diss. But that’s not all.

Booba also participated in Damson’s Instagram live where he unveiled his new songs. And the least we can say is that he has it shows respect. In fact, he congratulated the artist several times.

Some people still wonder if it is sincerity or irony. It must be said that the duke seemed very upset with Damso and them had many clashes.