Baseball et cookies: Biden se démène pour sauver sa présidence du naufrage parlementaire

Biden is fighting to save the presidency from sinking parliament

He must succeed in the “home run”, the winning shot of baseball players, or his presidency will be sunk: Joe Biden is struggling to save his major economic and social reforms, and the solidarity of the United States, threatened by a fratricidal war between Democrats.

We are September 29, 2021, the United States is less than forty-eight hours from a “shutdown”, an economic suffocation of federal services. And the President of the United States is … in a baseball stadium.

Joe Biden took on the biggest smile and hat for a gala match between Democratic and Republican MPs.

Behind the sporting confrontation, the political shake. The 78-year-old Democrat shakes hands, hands out ice lollies marked with the president’s seal, walks from the Democratic camp to the Republican bench. We also see him hanging up on the phone, just as the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, looks serious.

Time is critical. The US Congress has to settle three more tangled balls than the other.

The simplest – that is – is to avoid the “closure”, which can be done during a vote on Thursday morning.

But lawmakers must also rule out the risk of default by the United States, which threatens from October 18, implying a new vote.

And pass two monumental reforms by Joe Biden, with a very slim majority for the Democratic camp.

One, classic, consists of building bridges, renovating roads, developing charging stations for electric cars …

The second part is more ambitious. In a country where it is historically an individual matter and a philanthropist’s concern to face the twists and turns of life, the president wants to commit trillions of dollars to overhaul the social benefit system.

The Republican opposition, in succession to the 2022 law election, which turns into a war machine for a candidacy for Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election, is not giving up.

– “Homecoming” –

Some elected Conservatives are willing to pay for infrastructure.

But that the Democrats, divided between progressives and centrists, manage to vote on the limits of American debt – the famous October 18 deadline – and on presidential projects.

Joe Biden, who faced this fratricidal war between supporters of a revolution in the American social system and supporters of budgetary measures, finally came down to the arena, he as some parliamentarians criticized for not getting involved enough.

He receives elected Democrats in the Oval Office, offers them cookies – also stamped with the President’s seal, because the White House itself is no exception to the American passion for the derivative product.

This easy-going president was a senator for decades, and few know the parliamentary game as well as he does.

But does politics exist as Joe Biden practiced it when Donald Trump dug the lines? When MPs understood what social networking with sound space offers them?

In the midst of sporting celebrations, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, very hostile to the president’s major welfare state projects, posted a murderous press release on Twitter about “budget-free unconsciousness.”

White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki tries her best to ease the air during increasingly tense daily press conferences.

On Wednesday, she compared the parliamentary upheavals to “a TV series”.

Jen Psaki thus hoped that everything would end well as in the famous production “A la Maison Blanche” (“The West Wing” in the original version), with a charismatic president surrounded by a dedicated staff.

However, the spokeswoman joked that it could go bad as in another critically acclaimed political series, “Veep.” This creation, around a vice president as started as she is raw, is a fierce satire.

What about the baseball game? The Republicans won, thanks in part to a spectacular “home run,” an almost perfect shot, from Greg Steube, representative of the state of Florida. He was wearing a red “Save America” ​​hood, with Donald Trump’s signature.

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