News Baseball: When Girls Beat Boys, The Incredible Year Laval...

Baseball: When Girls Beat Boys, The Incredible Year Laval Tornadoes

The organization of Tornades de Laval celebrates the 2020 results of its smaller baseball teams, which have won several championships and have seen the sporting progress of young Laval women jump.

In the 2020 season, some Tornadoes teams will reach the top of their respective categories, often against teams that consist almost exclusively of boys.

* Mosquito B tornadoes (9 to 11 years):
* Women in the playoffs
* 10-6 victory against Cards de Laval-Est in the final.

* Pee-Wee B Tornadoes (12 to 13 years old):
* Regular season champion, playoffs in the playoffs
* Tipped 6-5 in the semifinals against Vautours de Vimont-Auteuil.

* Bantam B Tornadoes (14 to 16 years old)
Championship finalists, defeat in two matches against potential champions, Laval-Nord Mets.

The next generation is not left out, the young girls in the Atom B category (8 to 9 years) have also made good progress this summer. », Says the director of Tornades de Laval, Steven Desaulniers.

Envious statistics

Here are the stroke averages:

* Maeva Fréchette: 0.769 (playoffs)
* Rosalie Couture: 0.714 (playoffs)
* Éloïse Desjardins: 0.714 (playoffs)
* Camille Gélinas: 0.700 (regular season)
* Charlie Perron: 0.600 (regular season)
* Kasara Rift: 0.591 (regular season)

As an indication, Larry Walker, the former Montreal Expos, was inducted into the Major Baseball Hall of Fame with a lifetime average of 0.313.

More demand than places: the emergence of girls’ baseball

A record number of 100 girls (all ages combined) have signed up to play baseball in Laval territory, 59 of whom play exclusively for Tornades, who do not refuse any registration. For Chantal Aubry, head coach of the Tornades in the Mosquito Division, “It is the passion for baseball, for healthy competition and for team spirit that is at the core of the organization’s values, as well as’ helping our daughters grow, develop and believe in themselves. . “

Registrations for Tornado’s fall-winter camps were completed in 24 hours, and the waiting list was also filled out quickly.

The Tornades program consists of gathering young girls from all over Laval’s territory and making teams that only consist of girls, which according to a recent survey will be 87.8% preferable to play in teams that consist entirely of girls.

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