Les Voltigeurs baseball nommés meilleure équipe collégiale au pays

Baseball Voltigeurs named the best college team in the country

BASEBALL. Cégep de Drummondville Voltigeur’s baseball team is at the top of the rankings established by Canadian Baseball Network (CBN) researchers George Rigakos and Mitchell Thompson. This is a great achievement for the Drummondville program, which has only been in existence for six years.

The CBN ranking brings together the 50 best college and university teams in Canada. The main data used by the two researchers was the proportion of victories in recent years by each of the teams. Voltigeurs maintained an efficiency of .933 during the observed period.

The head coach of the Cégep de Drummondville program, Samuel Guilbert, admits to being surprised to see his program at the top of this list so quickly. However, this honor is above all a great pride for all the members who have worked hard to create a winning culture.

Baseball Voltigeurs named the best college team in the country
Samuel Guilbert. (Photo with permission)

“The team plays every game to win. We have not really lost any games in recent years. It is important for us to have a winning culture and to play every game to win, ”said Samuel Guilbert.

Voltigeurs has gained a whole new notoriety since the publication of this ranking on June 28th. Several university teams across the country have already contacted Guilbert to plan clashes with Voltigeurs.

“There is an Ottawa varsity team, Carleton University Ravens, who wrote us an email congratulating us on being placed first, and they will play our team in the fall. The team asks us to play our best list for this match. Several university teams want to meet us because of this. It is a double-edged sword, “commented the head coach.

However, it is still too early to confirm that this type of party will be held next fall.

Stay on top

The college baseball division of the Quebec Student Sports Network (RSEQ) takes liters each year. Voltigeurs know they have to keep up the good content.

“We want a little more adversity in the next few years because the other programs are improving around us. We are happy with the position, but we still have our backs. We still want a good baseball team, we have all the necessary ingredients, “warns Samuel Guilbert.

Next season, a new wave of players will join the list, as 25 rookies are expected to join a group of eight veterans.

“We have a very complete team. The players come from all over Quebec. The challenge will be to get everyone on board our team chemistry and to develop a sense of belonging with all the new players coming and to get to know each other quickly, the head coach explained.

Samuel Guilbert expects the veterans, Loïc Dupont, Gabriel Deblois, Samuel Rajotte and Charles Trépanier, who have already won the championship and had several experiences with the team, to show their new teammates the way.

Drummondville Cégep Voltigeurs begin training camp on August 23. The regular season begins in early September. A dozen regular games are planned, while around thirty exhibition games can take place this autumn.

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