Baseball: return to normal in National?

Baseball: return to normal in National?

San Francisco Giants general manager Farhan Zaidi is preparing for the baseball season in 2021 as if the regulations go back to what they were before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This means in particular that he believes that there will be no more designated hitters in the National League.

“For at least a year we could be back at old school National League baseball,” Zaidi said on the Giants’ YouTube channel Thursday night.

Remember that National adopted the chosen hitter, which is the norm in the American, for the very first time in its history in 2020. No decision has yet been announced by Major League Baseball to maintain or quit. of this news.

However, it is possible that the designated hitter will be permanently added to the National League during negotiations on a new collective agreement. This agreement between Major League Baseball and its athletes expires after the 2021 campaign.

Meanwhile, GM prefers to focus on the players who became autonomous on Wednesday, after their teams chose not to keep their services. Among them are outfielder Kyle Schwarber, David Dahl and Eddie Rosario.

“It definitely added a level of activity to what’s already happening in the free agent market,” Zaidi said. We called quite a few boys yesterday [mercredi] evening.”

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